Fortnite X Dead Space: What's Included

Fortnite X Dead Space: What's Included
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Coleman Hamstead


23rd Jan 2023 15:43

Fortnite meets Dead Space in the Fortnite x Dead Space crossover. Isaac Clarke has boarded the Battle Bus and is prepared to drop onto the Fortnite Island. If you're a fan of the Dead Space franchise, stay put as we review what's included in the Fortnite x Dead Space collaboration.

Fortnite X Dead Space: Release Date

Originally released in 2008, a remake of the classic Dead Space science fiction/horror title comes out on January 27, 2023. To promote the new release and stir up hype, Fortnite is getting an Isaac Clarke Skin inspired by the game's protagonist.

The expected release date for the Fortnite x Dead Space collaboration is January 23, 2023.

Fortnite X Dead Space: Skin And Accessory Cosmetics

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The Fortnite x Dead Space crossover features a slew of cosmetics conjoining Fortnite and Dead Space. Below is a list of what's included in the Bundle:

  • Isaac Clarke Outfit
  • RIG Back Bling
  • USG Ishimura Back Bling
  • Plasma Cutter Harvesting Tool
  • Upgrade Emote

These aren't your regular ol' Fortnite cosmetics, either. Much of the Fortnite x Dead Space Bundle's items include unique attributes and interesting traits. 

The RIG Back Bling has a Health Bar that adjusts based on your remaining HP. The USG Ishimura Back Bling glows blue when you're safe but begins to glow red when you take damage. Finally, the Plasma Cutter Harvesting Tool features a built-in Upgrade Emote that lets you equip or unequip the Pickaxe with the Emote.

If that wasn't enough, the Bundle comes with a series of Strange Transmissions Quests that you can complete to earn up to 1,500 V-Bucks! 

Fortnite X Dead Space: Price

Historically, Fortnite Quest Packs like the Fortnite x Dead Space Bundle that includes an opportunity for 1,500 V-Bucks cost £9.99/$11.99. But, since this is a special collaboration, there's a chance collecting the Issac Clarke Skin and its associated accessories will cost a bit extra.

However, until the Fortnite x Dead Space Bundle goes live in the Item Shop, we won't know the exact price.

That's everything we know so far regarding the Fortnite x Dead Space collaboration. Look out for the Dead Space cosmetics in the Item Shop beginning January 23, 2023!

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