Where to place recruitment posters in Fortnite

Where to place recruitment posters in Fortnite
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Daniel Hollis


7th Mar 2023 12:24

Despite Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 coming to an end, that hasn’t stopped the quests from slowing down. Even though players are eagerly anticipating the arrival of a new season, there is still plenty to be sinking your teeth into. 

One of the weekly challenges has been a set of Cipher quests, which for the most part, have been fairly tricky to accomplish. With vague objectives and codes to decipher, for those of us who just want to jump into Fortnite and get straight into the action, it can be incredibly frustrating to hit these roadblocks.

To mark the end of the Cipher quest line, a new challenge has emerged and is tasking players to place recruitment posters around the Fortnite map. If you want to know how to get this done quickly and say goodbye to the Cipher quests once and for all, here’s exactly what you need to do.

Where to place recruitment posters in Fortnite

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While it may seem fairly straightforward, much like the rest of the Cipher quest line in Fortnite, it’s pretty obtuse on what you actually need to do. You can’t just plop the recruitment posters wherever you like, but instead, visit specific places across the map.

If you track the quest, it does pinpoint these locations, but you may need a little guidance on where you need to go. Luckily, we’ve found these locales and have got the designated areas you will need to place recruitment posters:

  • Anvil Square: Go to the stables on the southeast side of the area. Inside, look for a breakable locker that contains a secret passage behind it. Downstairs you will be able to place two recruitment posters.
  • Faulty Splits: Go to the Splits Bowl bowling alley. Inside, check out the Cold Blooded Vault, which contains three recruitment poster placements.
  • Lonely Labs: In a shipment container, the same place as the snowbank decryption quest. You can place one recruitment poster here.
  • Shattered Slabs: Go to the northwest edge and explore the quarry. You will find an area at the top you can go inside where one recruitment poster can be placed.

For this Fortnite quest, you only need to place four posters, so you may not need to go to each area. If you can manage to keep yourself alive long enough, you could possibly do Faulty Splits and one other location.

Hopefully, this marks the end of the Cipher quests in Fortnite, but with Chapter 4 Season 2 almost upon us, we could see another set arriving.

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