How to decrypt the signal beneath snowbank in Fortnite

How to decrypt the signal beneath snowbank in Fortnite
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2nd Mar 2023 15:06

The most recent Fortnite challenges have been causing a ton of confusion for players - most notably due to the fact it requires players to do some mathematical equations. While they’re not particularly hard, when you’re playing Fortnite, all you want to focus on is taking down enemies, not problem-solving.

These Cipher quests have understandably left players frustrated, and the most recent challenge tasks players to decrypt the signal beneath snowbank. With very little else to go on, it’s incredibly vague, but fear not, we’ve figured out the solution for you to save you the trouble.

How to decrypt the signal beneath snowbank in Fortnite

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As part of the decrypt the signal beneath snowbank in Fortnite quest, you’ll be tasked to decipher some codes. The code in question is

At first glance, it seems impossible to answer, but the solution is super simple. Each number relates to its corresponding letter in the alphabet. For example, 12 would translate to L, whilst 18 would be R. 

After changing all the numbers to letters, you will find it roughly spells out Lonely Labs. It’s here you will need to go and find a couple of shipping crates idly lying around. Inside one of these is a passage that leads underground. If you're still struggling to find the exact crate, you can see it on the Fortnite map below:

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Enter inside here and in the room below you will come across a range of computers. Interact with one of them to complete this quest, along with a lovely XP boost.

It’s worth noting this location is becoming increasingly popular as more and more players discover it's the place needed to decrypt the signal beneath the snowbank in Fortnite. You may need to make a few attempts to complete the objective whilst battling with other players.

As more and more of these challenges join Fortnite, it’s worth knowing the formula to solve them to help you out in the future. However, if you just want to know the location, be sure to check out GGRecon for all future solutions to these annoying puzzles.

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