Fortnite update 28.30 patch notes, new Festival season & LEGO fishing

Fortnite update 28.30 patch notes, new Festival season & LEGO fishing
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Daniel Megarry


22nd Feb 2024 11:42

Fortnite update 28.30 has arrived, and we've got the patch notes including details of all the new features like the arrival of pop superstar Lady Gaga!

This is the final update before Fortnite Chapter 5: Season 1 comes to an end at the beginning of March, and Epic Games is making sure things go out with a bang with updates to Rocket Racing, LEGO Fortnite, and of course, Fortnite Festival.

Fortnite update 28.30 patch notes

Fortnite Festival Season 2 begins!

Now that the sun has set on The Weeknd's Fortnite Festival takeover, it's time for the second season of music to begin - and in case you hadn't already heard, the star of the show this time around is Lady Gaga!

The Sour Candy singer will have her own skins and emotes in the game, while hit songs like Poker Face and Bloody Mary will be available as Jam Tracks. There's also an Unlock Your Talent Pass available to purchase featuring the Enigmatic Gaga skin.

Fortnite Festival Season 2 Pass
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Lady Gaga crash lands in the game

As well as taking over Fortnite Festival with the Enigmatic Gaga skin, there will also be a Chromatica Armour Gaga skin available to purchase from the in-game Shop!

You can get this skin by itself or as part of a bundle featuring a Chromatica Bass, a Chromatica Mic, a Back Bling, a Stupid Love Jam Track, and a Rain Check emote featuring choreography from the Rain On Me music video.

Lady Gaga Chromatica Armour skin in Fortnite
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Go Fishin' in LEGO Fortnite

Following the v28.30 update, LEGO Fortnite fans will be able to craft Fishing Rods using a Crafting Bench! You can make these in Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Epic variants depending on the level of your bench.

The kind of fish you can catch will depend on the Biome you're in, the time of day, and the kind of water you're fishing in. Here are all of the fish that you'll be able to catch:

  • Orange Flopper
  • Blue Flopper
  • Green Flopper
  • Vendetta Flopper
  • Black and Blue Shield Fish
  • Purple Thermal Fish
  • Raven Thermal Fish
  • Silver Thermal Fish
  • Blue Slurp Fish
  • Purple Slurp Fish
  • Yellow Slurp Fish
  • Blue Small Fry
  • Cuddle Jelly Fish
  • Slurp Jelly Fish
  • Molten Spicy Fish

You'll also be able to craft a Bait Bucket to attract fish to a specific location with a Fishing Spot, as well as a Food Processor Station to blend up your fish into tasty meals. Yum!

Fish in LEGO Fortnite
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More additions to LEGO Fortnite

Two new resources, Sand and Glass, have now arrived in LEGO Fortnite. You can dig Sand out of sandy areas using a Shovel and then turn it into Glass by using a Crafting Bench.

Wondering what Glass is used for? Well, you can now craft a Spyglass to look at far-away things! You can also use Glass to craft a Compass which adds basic navigation to the HUD so you can track where you're going.

A compass in LEGO Fortnite
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Speed Run comes to Rocket Racing

It's time to go fast, as a new Speed Run mode has been added to Rocket Racing. In this mode, you'll be trying to set the best lap time possible and work your way up the Speed Run leaderboards.

There are also Speed Run Kickoff Quests to complete in this new mode, with rewards including the Sprintspark Trail and various colours to customise it. These quests are available until March 26, 2024.

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That's everything you need to know about the v28.30 update! Visit our Fortnite homepage for more guides including the rarest skins, the best landing spots, and where to find all the NPCs in the current season.

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