Where to find and how to use the Thunder Spears in Fortnite

Where to find and how to use the Thunder Spears in Fortnite
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Coleman Hamstead


12th Apr 2023 12:16

The latest Fortnite update introduces a brand-new Mythic, the Thunder Spears, into Fortnite. Thunder Spears are a signature weapon of the Scout Regiment in Attack on Titan, and now you can wield them in Fortnite. With that, let's review where to find and how to use the Thunder Spears in Fortnite.

Where to find the Thunder Spears in Fortnite

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The Fortnite x Attack on Titan Thunder Spears Mythic is available across the Island as floor loot and in Chests and Scout Regiment Footlockers. Scout Regiment Footlockers are new in V24.20 and always contain either the Thunder Spears or ODM Gear.

While you can get lucky and find Thunder Spears on the ground or in a regular Chest, your best bet is to seek out Scout Regiment Footlockers. Scout Regiment Footlockers are spread over much of the Island, but you can find them in bunches at Shattered Slabs, The Citadel, and Anvil Square in the game.

Shattered Slabs, in particular, is the best place to find Thunder Spears in Fortnite. There are three Scout Regiment Footlockers spawns at Shattered Slabs itself, plus four more in buildings to the west of Shattered Slabs.

How to use the Thunder Spears in Fortnite

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Thunder Spears are rockets that you fire from your arms. If you hit an enemy directly with a Thunder Spear, it'll deal a minuscule ten damage. However, when it explodes while they are in the vicinity, your opponent will take 70 damage.

Thunder Spears are best used on fortified structures. The Thunder Spears will pierce walls and deal damage to enemies on both sides when they detonate. This is especially useful in modes with buildings enabled, as Thunder Spears will force your foes out of cover and decimate their defences.

Thunder Spears come equipped with eight unique rockets that do not replenish. Once you fire off all eight, you will need to find another pair of Thunder Spears. You can shoot a missile from each arm before you have to reload another two.

How to damage opponents with consecutive shots with the Thunder Spears

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One of the Week 5 Seasonal Quests requires Thunder Spears and is proving quite challenging. To complete the Quest and earn 24K XP, plus the Courageous Mikasa Spray, you must damage opponents with consecutive shots with the Thunder Spears.

This might not sound too bad on the surface, but Thunder Spears are rather difficult to aim accurately. And if you don't hit your opponent directly, they usually can avoid the splash damage. Furthermore, you only have eight shots at your disposal, so misses can be costly.

The easiest way to take on this Challenge is to visit CRZ-8 at Bamboo Circle northwest of MEGA City. CRZ-8 will duel you, giving you a pushover of a target to unload your Thunder Spears on. Hit CRZ-8 with back-to-back Thunder Spears to complete this Quest and earn the associated rewards.

To get the Fortnite Eren Jaeger Attack on Titan Skin, you will need to also use Thunder Spears to destroy structures and hit opponents, so it's important to get familiar with this brand-new Mythic! Open Scout Regiment Footlockers to acquire Thunder Spears and use this powerful Attack on Titan tool in Fortnite.

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