Combat Caches in Fortnite: Where to find and what is inside

Combat Caches in Fortnite: Where to find and what is inside
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Coleman Hamstead


31st Mar 2023 20:52

Fortnite Combat Caches are Chapter 4 Season 2's take on Supply Drops. If you can manage to loot one of these unique Fortnite containers, you will gain tons of top-tier loot and even complete a quest. This guide contains all the information you need to find and recover Combat Caches in Fortnite.

Where to find Combat Caches in Fortnite

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If you're looking for a Fortnite Combat Cache, you won't find one right away. Combat Caches actually pop up on the island via a rift at a random location midway through the match. Usually, Combat Caches start rifting about eight minutes into the match.

While Combat Caches appear in different spots every match, you can pinpoint Combat Caches by periodically checking the map and looking to the sky for the beams of light they emit. Also, if you're nearby when a Combat Cache materialises, you will hear an audible noise as it rifts in and get an automatic ping of its exact location.

How to recover a Combat Cache in Fortnite

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To recover a Combat Cache in Fortnite, approach an untapped Combat Cache and interact with it. Now, you will need to wait roughly 50 seconds for the Combat Cache to burst open.

Be wary while in the process of recovering a Combat Cache because these loot-filled banks are oftentimes highly contested. Enemy players can see the Combat Cache too and will know when someone is actively recovering it.

Survive the recovery operation to complete this Week 3 Quest and earn 12K XP.

Fortnite Combat Caches: What's inside?

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Like Supply Drops from Fortnite old, Combat Caches are loaded with high-tier loot. However, what you get depends on how quickly you recover the Combat Cache.

When they first appear, all Combat Caches are classified as Legendary. But the longer it takes for someone to recover the Combat Cache, the worse the loot inside gets.

As the Combat Cache sits around untouched, its rarity will decline, decreasing to Epic and then just Rare. The colour and rarity of the Combat Cache determine the rarity of the loot inside it. You can tell the value of a Combat Cache by the colour of the light pouring from it or by reading its label.

Recover Combat Caches in Fortnite to equip your squad with high-tier loot. The first Combat Cache you recover will earn you credit toward the Week 3 Quest and 12K XP too!

Once you recover a Combat Cache, you can make a quick getaway with Fortnite Rogue Bikes and Nitro Drifters.

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