What are Combat Caches in Fortnite & where to find them

What are Combat Caches in Fortnite & where to find them
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Coleman Hamstead

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14th Feb 2024 11:39

If you keep up with your weekly challenges in Fortnite then you are going to need to know where to find Combat Caches and figure out what they do. 

The Caches are a great way to get some extra loot in the game and should go a long way to helping bag a higher finish, knock off some Battle Pass tiers and maybe even grab a win.

Keep reading for everything you need to know about Combat Caches so you can complete the recently released challenge. 

Where to find Combat Caches

Combat Cache icon in Fortnite
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Combat Caches do not have a set location in Fortnite, but once they appear you will see a beam of light signifying their location. Also, if you're nearby when a Combat Cache materialises, you will hear an audible noise as it rifts in and get an automatic ping of its exact location.

Usually, Combat Caches start to appear when there are around 30 people left, so you will have to survive a while to cache in.

How to recover a Combat Cache

To recover a Combat Cache, you will need to approach it before anyone else does and press the button prompt that appears. Now, you will need to wait roughly 50 seconds for the Combat Cache to burst open.

Be wary while recovering a Combat Cache because these loot-filled banks are oftentimes highly contested. Enemy players can see the Combat Cache too and will know when someone is actively recovering it.

What's in a Combat Cache?

Combat Cache loot in Fortnite
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Like Supply Drops from Fortnite old, Combat Caches are loaded with high-tier loot. You will get an assortment of weapons, special items, shields and health. Not all of it will be useful but it's a great way to get some good loot before the end of a match.

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