Fortnite Ruin puzzle solutions: How to solve a puzzle at a Ruin

Fortnite Ruin puzzle solutions: How to solve a puzzle at a Ruin
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24th Jul 2023 11:57

Are you confused about the challenge to solve a puzzle at a Ruin in Fortnite? The Jungle Biome in Fortnite is home to many secrets, including Ruins that you can only get into by solving puzzles.

This primer details Ruins, including where to find all the Ruins in the game and how to solve a puzzle at a Ruin in Fortnite.

What is a Ruin in Fortnite?

Fortnite Ruins go by many names, such as Jungle Vaults.
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Not to be confused with the Rumble Ruins Point of Interest (POI), Ruins are another name for the Temple Vaults, or Fortnite Jungle Vaults, hidden away in the Jungle Biome. Like regular Vaults, hoards of top-tier loot rest inside Ruins.

Despite their resemblance to Vaults, Keycards are worthless in Ruins. Instead, you must solve one of three types of puzzles to access a Ruin.

Where to find Ruins in Fortnite

There are Ruins all over the Jungle Biome in Fortnite
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Ruins only exist in the Jungle Biome. You will not find Ruins anywhere else on the Island. As of Week 7 of Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3, there are nine total Ruins.

Ruins are scattered relatively evenly across the Jungle Biome. There are four major Ruins and five minor Ruins. The major Ruins feature multiple puzzles safeguarding massive treasure rooms. The minor Ruins are more lowkey, storing less loot but also fewer puzzles gatekeeping access.

Below is a list of where you can find all the Ruins in Fortnite:

Major Ruins

  • Southern Ruin (south-east of Rumble Ruins)
  • Northern Ruin (north-east of Shady Stilts)
  • Hidden Temple (north-west of Creeky Compound)
  • Rumble Ruins

Minor Ruins

  • Mayday Meadow (south-west of Shady Stilts)
  • Sunswoon Lagoon (north of Rumble Ruins)
  • Unnamed location south-east of Shady Stilts
  • Unnamed location south-west of Rumble Ruins
  • North of The Apparatus Landmark

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How to solve a puzzle at a Ruin in Fortnite

Some puzzles at Ruins in Fortnite are more difficult to solve than others.
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To get inside a Ruin in Fortnite, you must solve a puzzle or a series of puzzles. Ruins incorporate three different types of puzzles designed to keep out undeserving plunderers. Below is a list of the various puzzles you will find at Ruins and how to solve each individual enigma:

Worthy Item Puzzle

The Worthy Item Puzzle is the first defence outside most of the major Ruins in Fortnite. As the name of the puzzle suggests, unlocking this Ruin door requires that you donate an item the door considers worthy.

To solve this puzzle, you must give up an item in your inventory corresponding to the colour emitting from the door. Most of the time, the door wants an item of Epic rarity or higher.

Find Flames Brazier Puzzle

The trickiest of the Ruin puzzles is undoubtedly the Find Flames Brazier Puzzle. When you approach this Ruin door you will receive instructions to "... find … flames".

Now, look around, and you will notice a series of braziers lit up in purple flames. To solve this puzzle and open the Ruin door, you must light the flames in a particular order.

Somewhere in the Ruin exists another set of braziers corresponding with the braziers outside the Ruin door. Find these braziers and jot down which are lit and which aren't.

Once you have it memorised, head back to the braziers outside the Ruin door and light and extinguish the braziers to match the flames you discovered in the other chamber.

Statue Puzzle

Statue Puzzles are typically the only thing between you and the riches inside minor Ruins. Statue Puzzles are also the simplest of the Ruin puzzles, even though figuring out the solution comes down to pure luck.

Approach the Ruin door outside any minor Ruin in Fortnite, and you will get a prompt to "seek … statue … is the … one". This prompt is referring to the statues to the right and left of the door.

To solve this puzzle, pick one of the statues and interact with it. If you choose correctly, the Ruin door will open. If you select the wrong statue, you will get teleported into the sky via a rift.

There's no way to know with certainty which statue is the key to opening the Ruin door without testing them out. Just take your best guess, and if you're wrong, go back and interact with the other statue to solve the puzzle and open the Ruin.

So, that's how you solve a puzzle at a Ruin in Fortnite. Complete this Week 7 Fortnite Quest for an automatic level-up!

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