Fortnite Jungle Vaults: Where to find and how to open in Chapter 4 Season 3

Fortnite Jungle Vaults: Where to find and how to open in Chapter 4 Season 3
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Coleman Hamstead


13th Jun 2023 18:25

Simple keys nor brute force will pry open the Jungle Vaults in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3. Instead, you must decipher riddles and solve puzzles to claim the Fortnite goodies behind these Vault doors. This primer covers where to find and how to open Jungle Vaults in Chapter 4, Season 3 of the game.

Where to find Jungle Vaults in Fortnite

A map of all the Jungle Vaults on the Fortnite Island.
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The brand-new jungle biome in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 features scores of secret Vaults. There are four major Jungle Vaults, and a half-dozen minor Vaults, in the game right now. Below are the Points of Interest/Landmarks where you can find the Jungle Vaults:

Major Jungle Vaults

  • Southern Ruin (south-east of Rumble Ruins)
  • Northern Ruin (north-east of Shady Stilts)
  • Hidden Temple (north-west of Creeky Compound)
  • Rumble Ruins

Minor Jungle Vaults

  • Mayday Meadow (south-west of Shady Stilts)
  • Sunswoon Lagoon (north of Rumble Ruins)
  • Unnamed location south-east of Shady Stilts
  • Unnamed location south-west of Rumble Ruins
  • The Apparatus (east of Rumble Ruins)
  • North of The Apparatus Landmark
  • If you're exploring the jungle biome, you might as well don the Fortnite Indiana Jones Outfit!

How to open Jungle Vaults in Fortnite: Worthy Item Puzzle

You must allow the Vault door to consume one of your high-rarity items to pass.
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One of the secret Vault doors in the jungle biome will let you pass through it in exchange for a worthy item. To satisfy this riddle, you must offer and sacrifice an item corresponding with the colour emitting from the door. Usually, it wants an item of Epic rarity or higher. 

How to open Jungle Vaults in Fortnite: Find Flames Brazier Puzzle

Don't let the Find Flames Brazier Puzzle overwhelm you!
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By far the most complicated of the Jungle Vaults to open is the door that instructs you to "... find … flames". Outside this hidden Vault door, you will notice a series of braziers producing purple flames. To open the Vault door, you must distinguish the correct flames and leave the rest lit.

The solution to this puzzle lies in a separate chamber. Directly above or below the Jungle Vault door, you will find another set of braziers corresponding with the braziers outside the Vault door. Take note of which braziers are lit, then go back and light and extinguish the braziers to match the flames you discovered in the other room.

How to open Jungle Vaults in Fortnite: Statue Puzzle

Choosing the right statue to open select Jungle Vault doors is pure luck.
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Investigating the final type of Vault door in the jungle biome will prompt you to "seek … statue … is the … one". 

Outside this Jungle Vault are statues you can interact with to open the door. If you choose correctly, the Jungle Vault will open. If you select wrong, you will get sent to the skies above the Vault via a rift.

There's no way to know which statue unlocks the secret Vault door, so take your best guess. If you're wrong, you can always go back and try again!

What's inside Jungle Vaults in Fortnite?

Jungle Vaults contain some of the best loot in Fortnite.
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Learning how to open the various Jungle Vaults on the Island is worth it, as these hidden rooms contain all sorts of high-value loot. Inside Jungle Vaults, you will find tons of chests, and usually a few rare chests too. Jungle Vaults contain enough loot to arm an entire squad!

That's everything you need to open Jungle Vaults in Fortnite. Unlocking these secret Vault doors hidden in the jungle biome is a perplexing task at first, but once you know how to solve the associated puzzles, all the loot inside is yours to ransack!

Before diving too deep into the new season, you might want to review all the vaulted, unvaulted, and new weapons in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3.

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