Fortnite Football Club: How To Get The Football Tag Spray

Fortnite Football Club: How To Get The Football Tag Spray
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1st Dec 2022 09:08

Do you want to join the Fortnite Football Club? Battle alongside Fortnite Icons in the Fortnite FC Academy as you compete to earn your spot on the Fortnite FC. If you can stand out amongst your peers, you will become an honorary member of the Fortnite Football Club and get the exclusive Football Tag Spray to prove it!

Fortnite Football Club: How To Get The Football Tag Spray

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To get the Football Tag Spray in Fortnite, first, you must log into Fortnite’s FC Academy website and register with your Epic account.

After signing up, launch Fortnite, navigate to Discover, and enter the Fortnite FC Academy Island Code: 0992-0392-5815.

In the Fortnite FC Academy, you play the role of an amateur footballer, fighting to advance through the academy and eventually get signed to Fortnite FC. To do this, you will need to showcase your skills and prove your worth in training and exhibitions.

When it's all said and done, you can unlock the Football Tag Spray by winning three matches in the Fortnite FC Academy Island.

You have until 5am BST on December 7, 2022, to complete this task and claim the Football Tag Spray.

Fortnite Football Club: Fortnite FC Skins

The Fortnite Football Club super team consists of some absolute legends. The Fortnite Icons that have come together to form the Fortnite FC roster include:

  • FFC Sparkplug
  • FFC LeBron James
  • FFC Neymar Jr
  • FFC Chloe Kim
  • FFC TheGrefg

These individuals will appear as brand-new Outfits in the Fortnite Item Shop beginning December 2, 2022, at 12am BST. Each Outfit features two alt Styles, the Home Kit and Away Kit, plus its default, off the field Style.

Furthermore, all the FFC Skins are fully customisable with various accent colours, including:

  • Red
  • Purple
  • Yellow
  • Black
  • Gray
  • Light Gray

Finally, all Fortnite Football Club Outfits come with the complementary FFC Souvenir Backpack as a Back Bling.

Rep the Fortnite Football Club in-game with the FFC Skins and the Football Tag Spray.

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