Where To Find And Use The Bush Bomb In Fortnite

Where To Find And Use The Bush Bomb In Fortnite
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Joshua Boyles


24th Jan 2023 16:21

There's plenty of new equipment coming to Fortnite in update v23.20, one of which is the new Bush Bomb. Bushes have long been a staple feature of Fortnite, with tactics in the early years of the game involving hiding in them until the late stages of a match. At one point, you could even equip a Bush to wear as a disguise, waddling around the map looking like a right wally. But how does the new Fortnite Bush Bomb work? Keep reading to find out.

Fortnite Bush Bomb: How Does It Work?

The Fortnite Bush Bomb works as you would expect a normal grenade to work. However, instead of a large explosion occurring when it hits the floor, a massive bush appears in its wake. These aren't the small sort of bushes that you used to be able to hide in, either. These ones are properly massive.

These new Bush Bombs will be exceptionally handy when trying to create new cover for yourself. Especially if you're running across a huge open space, throwing one or two of these Bush Bombs down will instantly counter line of sight from a far away Sniper.

You can also use Bush Bombs to bamboozle other players while in close-quarters combat. You can see a little way through the bush while inside it, but they ultimately restrict your view. This will make it incredibly hard for an assaulting player to confirm their elimination of you.

Fortnite Bush Bomb: Where To Find

The Fortnite Bush Bomb will appear as standard loot that you can find in chests scattered around the island. If you're yet to find one, keep exploring the map and opening more chests until you get lucky - you should find one eventually.

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