Best Guaranteed Chest Spots In Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4

Best Guaranteed Chest Spots In Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4
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Amelia-Eve Warden


14th Nov 2022 12:27

With Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 almost at its end since it launched in September, many players are very excited for the new season, which is expected to launch on 4th December, saying goodbye to the chrome world. But while we wait for the new season, there are still many things players don’t know about the current Fortnite Season 4, such as hidden bunkers, guaranteed chests, the best hiding spots, and also guaranteed keys for balloon vaults. So, here are the top five places to visit to get guaranteed chests in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4.

Best Fortnite Chest Spots: Tilted Towers Clock Tower

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Originally added in Season 2, the Clock Tower is an iconic attraction found in Tilted Towers which has two levels inside. Once a player departs off the Battle Bus, if you land and crouch through the top arched window you will find one and sometimes two chests on the top floor. Once the floor has been removed with a harvesting tool, there is a level of broken wood which also stores another chest, and more often than not, a Cosmic Chest. This is a great little hideout to grab some weapons before leaving the building.

Best Fortnite Chest Spots: The Devoured, East Of Tilted Towers

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Just next to Tilted Towers, this is a great isolated spot to land if you want to have many chests to open without being disturbed. With five dirt patches on the floor, next to a shovel, if you use a harvesting tool and hit the ground, a chest will pop up, all dotted around the cave-like concrete. Cosmic Chests can also be found here alongside a firepit, great for a health boost, and ammo boxes.

Best Fortnite Chest Spots: Star Wars Chests

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On the map, there are three separate areas to find the Star Wars Chests in Imperial Outposts. The first is near Grim Gables, another near Tilted Towers and final near Greasy Grove.

In these Imperial Outposts you will find two to three large black chests that hold E-11 Blasters and also Light Sabres which are of a mythic class melee weapon, super powerful weapons to up your killstreak early in the game.

Best Fortnite Chest Spots: Reality Tree House

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Just to the left of the large Reality Tree you will see a grand mansion-like house. That house you can find around 3 or more chests, with two being on the ground floor and one being at the top of the staircase, allowing players to stay covered and get equipment. But be warned, this area is highly populated, so you will need to be quick.

Luckily, just outside of the house is a Slurp Bouncer Mushroom, it will be on the ground and luminous blue, once you stand on it you will fly in the air, great for escaping competition, but equally receiving 10 points on your energy bar each jump.

Best Fortnite Chest Spots: Rave Cave

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Arguably not everyone’s favourite location due to the loud music, making it difficult to hear opponent footsteps, but it is one of the best locations in the game right now to grab loot, with a total of 77 chests in this area alone.

The key is to go in, grab your loot then leave via the speedy Baller and shoot out on the rollercoaster, getting you far away from the very busy POI.

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