The Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth file size will take up a good chunk of your PS5

The Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth file size will take up a good chunk of your PS5
Images via Square Enix Creative Business Unit I

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Ben Williams


20th Feb 2024 09:10

Knowing how much space you'll need to make way for FF7 Rebirth's file size will be on many Final Fantasy fans' minds before jumping into part two of the classic JRPG's remake.

Unsurprisingly, with the 2020 Final Fantasy Remake already being just under 100GB, the storage space you'll need to install Rebirth is quite a bit larger. 

What is the file size? 

FF7 Rebirth has a download size of 145.250GB, as confirmed in the results of a datamine shared by PlayStation Game Size on X (formerly Twitter).

Although we already knew Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth would be around 150GB thanks to an answer director Naoki Hamaguchi gave in a September 2023 Game Informer interview, the actual file size still makes the game a behemoth to install - even if it is just under 5GB less than we were originally told. 

Despite this meaning that physical versions of the game will be on two discs (PS5 game discs can only hold up to 100GB each), you won't need to keep switching them as you play. 

Zack and Cloud in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth
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Thanks to the "PS5 architecture", as mentioned in the interview, you'll only need to insert both discs - just under 100GB and 50GB respectively - whilst installing FF7 Rebirth, but will then only need one disc inserted in the console to play the entire game. 

Expanding on his answer as to why this is the case, Yamaguchi stated that having Rebirth be such a large file size had to do with preserving the team at Square Enix Creative Business Unit I's vision for the follow-up. 

As a result, Rebirth presents a far more detailed and immersive world compared to that of FF7 Remake - which would have been compromised if it needed to be compressed into just one disc.

On the other hand, if you're planning to dive into it digitally like I'll be, you won't have to worry about switching discs at all - you'll just need to give your home WiFi ample time to download such a large game before joining Cloud and co. 

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