How to join a 'Free Company' in FFXIV

How to join a 'Free Company' in FFXIV
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22nd Sep 2023 15:39

If you’ve heard the term ‘Free Company’ in FFXIV, you may be wondering what a Free Company is. Don’t panic if you aren’t familiar with what it means, as there are a lot of new terms that you may be hearing in the game that you don’t know about. We'll explain what a Free Company is, and how you can join one.

FFXIV is all about being a community game, which even includes getting your own house, whether that be as a single person or as a Free Company. There is a lot you can do within the game and within the constraints of a Free Company. 

Here's everything you need to know about what a Free Company is in FFXIV and how you can join one in the game so you can be a part of the community action.

How can you join a Free Company in FFXIV?

The most important thing is finding a Free Company (FC) that suits your needs. For example, you can join an FC dedicated to finding and grinding for mounts or one that is specifically designed for PvP players. It all depends on what you need.

Once you’ve found one that you like, there are multiple ways that you can submit an application to get into a FC:

  • If there is a player that is online, you can submit it via their profile. To do this, find an online player from the FC, then click View Company Profile. Then there will be a button that allows you to submit an application
  • You can also join through the FC’s house, should they have one. If you have the residential area unlocked, you can find the house and ward they are in via their profile, visit it and there will be a placard outside the house that allows you to join
  • Alternatively, players may invite you to their FC. If that’s the case and you find it’s a good fit, feel free to accept their invitation! Make sure to do it within the time window, as the invites do expire.

What is a Free Company in FFXIV?

If you’ve played other MMORPGs then you may be familiar with guilds. Free Companies are guilds in FFXIV. They are run by players, can have many players within the organisation, and can help you perform tasks together such as quests, FATEs, and dungeons.

They can be incredibly helpful if you’re looking to avoid long queue times by joining dungeon roulettes and you can ask your fellow Free Company members to queue up with you in order to avoid some of the waiting. 

Benefits of joining a Free Company in FFXIV

FCs have plenty of benefits and it’s usually a great decision to join one. Here are some of the top benefits:

  • Socialising with others and making friends
  • Cutting queue times and queuing with Free Company members
  • FC EXP boosts in crafting and battle
  • A room in the Free Company house (if they have a house)
  • Usage of the Free Company chest

That’s everything you need to know about Free Companies in FFXIV and how to join them. 

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