FFXIV Aithon Whistle: How To Get And Use The Aithon Mount

FFXIV Aithon Whistle: How To Get And Use The Aithon Mount
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12th Apr 2022 22:23

When you acquire the FFXIV Aithon Whistle, it rewards you with the Aithon mount which lets your character fly around Eorzea on what’s basically a fire-blasting horse. Final Fantasy 14 has a plethora of mounts available, but by acquiring this one you’re actually working towards a bonus mount too. If you want to learn how to unlock the FFXIV Aithon Whistle (and the bonus mount) then you've come to the right place.

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FFXIV Aithon Whistle: Where To Get It

Aithon Whistle Obtained By Defeating Ifrit in The Bowl of Embers (Extreme)
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The Aithon Whistle is a random drop item from The Bowl of Embers (Extreme) trial. You must be at least level 50 to unlock this duty and have started the Primal Quests questline. The required quest for The Bowl of Embers (Extreme) is Ifrit Ain’t Broke. This is the eighth quest in this questline so you’ll have to make sure you visit Minfilia Warde in The Waking Sands to acquire the quest "A Recurring Problem".

This will take you on the journey of unlocking the hard mode versions of The Bowl of Embers, The Howling Eye, and The Navel. These harder versions are required to carry on with the rest of the Main Story Quests so chances are, you’ve probably already unlocked these trials. Once you've unlocked The Navel (Hard) from the quest "In a Titan Spot", you can then go on to unlock the quest "Primal Nature".

This quest can be unlocked by speaking with Urianger in The Waking Sands. While working through this additional part of the Primal Quests questline you will eventually get to "Ifrit Ain’t Broke". This then unlocks The Bowl of Embers (Extreme).

FFXIV Aithon Whistle: How To Get It

Kirin Mount Obtained By Collecting All 6 Mount Drops From The A Realm Reborn Primal Extremes
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The Bowl of Embers (Extreme) is a level 50 trial, and you are required to have a minimum iLevel of 67 to run this duty synced. There is a bounty of ways to level up fast in FF14, our FFXIV leveling guide can help you get to level 50 and beyond as soon as possible. However, as this is content from the A Real Reborn, the first expansion of Final Fantasy 14, players mainly run this duty un-synced in a party of 1-8.

Selecting the un-synced option when queuing up for this trial means you and your fellow party members can go in with a much higher level and iLevel. This causes the fight to become extremely easy and quick, making it perfect for grinding the content until the Aithon Whistle drops.


The mount drop is indeed RNG but as you will be rapidly clearing the duty, it's much less of a pain than it seems. You’ll be glad to know that this trial can be cleared solo too if you have a high enough level, meaning you won’t have to fight for who gets the Aithon Whistle.

Once you’ve obtained the Aithon Whistle, use the item to unlock the Aithon mount.

FFXIV Aithon Whistle: Why You Should Get It

Wandering Minstrel Offers The Quest A Legend For A Legend To Unlock The Kirin Mount
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Not only does the Aithon Mount look great, but it also helps you progress in working towards obtaining a bonus mount called Kirin. Each of the extreme trials, except Thornmach (Extreme), that you unlock in the Primal Quests questline drops a mount from the Nightmare series. You can unlock the required quest for the Kirin mount once you’ve gotten Aithon and the other 5 mounts from, The Howling Eye (Extreme), The Navel (Extreme), The Whorleater (Extreme), The Striking Tree (Extreme), and the Akh Afah Amphitheatre (Extreme).

Procuring these 6 mounts will then grant you access to the “A Legend for a Legend” quest from the Wandering Minstrel found in Mor Dhona. Completing this quest will reward you with the Kirin Fife, which can be used to unlock the Kirin Mount.

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