Final Fantasy 14 Aether Currents: Aether Compass Explained

Final Fantasy 14 Aether Currents: Aether Compass Explained

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Sebastian Romero


10th Dec 2021 14:19

The Final Fantasy 14 Aether Currents are what you need if you want to fly in Endwalker but it's not entirely self-explanatory how they work. The Aether Compass in Final Fantasy 14 is what you need, along with plenty of completed side quests for extra Aether Currents as rewards. While it may seem daunting at first, the act of unlocking flying is very simple and not too much of a hassle if you know what to look for. This guide will get you through all the necessary steps to unlock the fastest movement possible in Endwalker, so read on for all you need to know about Final Fantasy 14 Aether Currents.

Final Fantasy 14 Aether Currents: Using The Aether Compass

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As an item you already should have as a result of completing the Heavensward or Stormblood expansions, the Aether Compass was moved from the Key Items section of your inventory to the Collections tab.

If you already have the Aether Compass at the start of Endwalker, simply check the red circles that serve as the main menu, select Duty > Collections > Aether Compass. You can even drag the Aether Compass onto your hotbar for easy and convenient access while you search for Aether Currents in Endwalker’s new zones.

Simply use the item like any other ability on your hotbar, and the compass will tell you the direction and distance of the nearest Aether Current.  

If you haven’t received the Aether Compass yet, then that’s probably why you haven’t been able to fly in Heavensward or Stormblood areas either. Unlocking flying in Final Fantasy 14 is made possible with the Aether Compass, so be sure to pick it up from Gibrilliont at the Forgotten Knight in Ishgard or from Gaufrid in Rhalgar’s Reach in Ala Mhigo.   

Final Fantasy 14 Aether Currents: Side Quests

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With the Aether Compass in hand, you’re now ready to begin unlocking flying in Endwalker zones. In each zone, there will be ten Aether Currents spread across the map for you to find and activate, along with five quest-tied Aether Currents.

Overall, this means that there are 60 scattered Aether Currents and 30 quest-tied Aether Currents for the expansion, and while this may seem like a ginormous task to complete, it’s made easier by the fact that the Main Story quests lead you within a few hundred yalms of the nearest current.

Final Fantasy 14 Aether Currents: Faster Mount Speeds

One of the pesky things about unlocking flying is that the final quest-tied Aether Current for an area is always locked behind the final Main Scenario quest in that zone. So, you’ll need to continuously progress the Main Scenario if you want to unlock flying, however in Endwalker, there is an easy compromise to make for faster movement.

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If you complete six FATEs in an area, you’ll actually unlock the riding map for purchase from the Gemstone Trader near each area’s first Aetheryte. Meaning before Aether Currents or side quests, you actually can move almost as fast as flying in any area by stabilizing the region with completing FATEs. Each riding map is about 70 Bi-colour Gemstones, which you will receive more than enough, as you complete the requisite number of FATEs for the riding map.

Now you know all there is to know about the Final Fantasy 14 Aether Currents, why not read up on our Final Fantasy 14 leveling guide?


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