Final Fantasy 14 Leveling Guide: How To Level Up Quickly

Final Fantasy 14 Leveling Guide: How To Level Up Quickly
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This Final Fantasy 14 leveling guide is crucial, whether you're a returning player who wants to reach the stars before tackling Endwalker or you're brand new to the game thanks to the next expansion. Reaching level 80 in Final Fantasy 14 is no mean feat, so we're here to help. Endwalker features multitudes of content, some that will require you to experiment with different jobs to complete. We can help you learn all the tips and tricks the game doesn’t openly tell you and find ways to level up quickly with our Final Fantasy 14 leveling guide.

Final Fantasy 14 Leveling Guide: Food And Free Company Buffs

Final Fantasy 14 Food Buff Leveling
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The easiest thing to do to ensure you’re getting maximum XP from enemies and instances is eating food that you can find as quest rewards, on the market boards, and from culinarian NPC’s. Always remember that when levelling, any XP that you receive is welcome, no matter how you get it.

All consumable foods in FF14 give you a minimum 3% increase to any received combat XP, which most certainly adds up over time. High-end food will give you stats buffs as well, but for levelling you don’t really have to worry about that, simply buying 99 pieces of Flatbread will be more than enough to help you on your levelling journey.

Additionally, you can receive even more XP percentage increases by joining a Free Company that enables the Heat of Battle buff to all members in the FC. Depending on the level, this buff can apply an additional 5, 10, or 15% increase to the amount of XP you gain, meaning through food and FC buffs alone, you could be receiving an additional 18% on all incoming combat experience!

Final Fantasy 14 Leveling Guide: Duty Roulette

Final Fantasy 14 Levelling Duty Roulette
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The best and most efficient way to make the most amount of XP in the shortest amount of time is completing your duty roulettes every day before and after they reset at 3:00pm GMT. Duty roulettes are queues that will place you into a random instance that you’ve unlocked throughout your time adventuring.

The amount of XP you acquire is adjusted to your current level, and once you finish the final boss, you’ll receive a huge load of experience that’s enough to instantaneously bring you to the next level in some cases.

You unlock the first roulette at Level 16, a PVP roulette at Level 30, and subsequent roulettes at levels 50, 60, 70, 80, and soon-to-be 90. Completing your roulettes each day and even bringing your friends along for the ride, is a sure way to make great strides in levelling your classes in a fun way.

Final Fantasy 14 Leveling Guide: Deep Dungeons

Final Fantasy 14 Levelling Deep Dungeon
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In FF14, there are two separate deep dungeons that can help you level classes, on top of your daily roulettes. There’s Palace of the Dead that’s ideal for classes that are levels 1-60, and Heaven on High for classes at 61 and beyond. Deep Dungeons are essentially Diablo-like dungeons with randomly generated floors filled with mobs of enemies. Each floor will have you kill a certain amount to progress to the next level, and in solo instances, can go down to Floor 200.

Now, Deep Dungeons use their own levelling system so the gains within the deep dungeon aren’t one-to-one, however, once you clear 10 floors in a row, you’ll receive an XP dump, similar to completing a duty roulette. There are items and upgrades found and used only inside the dungeon, but who can make your time clearing through waves of enemies all the easier.

Final Fantasy 14 Leveling Guide: Logs And Wondrous Tails

Final Fantasy 14 Levelling guide Wondrous Tails
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Logs are a great way to gain XP in a more traditional MMO way. For the original starting classes, there is the Hunting Log that would require you to kill a certain number of enemies that are found throughout the world, and once you take out the amount asked of you, you’ll get a mount reward of XP and coin.

The Hunting Log is great for early levels, as they’ll help you progress to being able to access the duty roulette sooner, and by the nature of where enemies are on the map, are already on the way as you progress through the different quests. 

The Challenge Log that unlocks at level 15, and Wonderous Tails at Level 60, are also great weekly content logs that’ll give you massive amounts of experience. Each week, the Challenge Log will give you several different challenges to complete, ranging from completing five dungeons to commending 20 players in a duty. Essentially, it’s all stuff you don’t have to go out of your way to do, cause if you’re levelling, you’re already going to achieve most of these conditions. Just be on the lookout for any you might have to intentionally focus on.

For Wondrous Tails, this is an upgraded version of the Challenge Log that’s accessible at level 60, and almost essential for jobs at higher levels. Once you complete nine different instance requirements ranging from 1-50 level dungeons to extreme trials, you’ll get huge experience rewards.

Final Fantasy 14 Leveling Guide: Fates And Dungeon Spam

Final Fantasy 14 Levelling Guide FATES
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Finally, we have the more typical, grindy MMO style, but with its own FF14 flair. If you find yourself out of Roulettes, your weekly challenge logs are complete, and you’re not sure what to do next, you should be looking to either continuously run the dungeon that’s closest to your current level, or by completing FATES.

Running the same dungeon over and over again seems simple enough, and you can even recruit your friends or fellow free company members to help you out in the process. However, if the queue times are long or you’re simply tired of playing the Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak over and over again, you can go out and participate in world events known as FATES.

While they don’t give the most amount of XP in the world, they are pretty fun, can have some pretty genuinely hilarious names and event descriptions, and can sometimes even drop rare loot from completing it. More often than not, other players will even join you to help you complete one, as they’ll share in the rewards and is a great way to help out a fellow champion of Eorzea. Just be sure not to burn yourself out by becoming too insistent on grinding.

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