What Is The Fastest Car In Rocket League?

What Is The Fastest Car In Rocket League?
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19th Jan 2023 17:50

There are hundreds of cars to choose from in Rocket League, all fitting into four hitboxes but sharing a different body shape, but is there a fastest car? Through in-game DLC purchases, ranking up through the leaves, or grinding the battle pass, more and more cars can be added to your garage until it's full to the brim with Batmobiles, Fortnite Battlebuses, and painted Octanes. But to quench your thirst for speed here's all you need to know about the fastest car in Rocket League.

What Is The Fastest Car In Rocket League?

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All Rocket League cars work on the same selection of six hitboxes, so determining the fastest car will be better phrased as "which hitbox type is the fastest?".

However, there isn't technically a faster hitbox type. All six Rocket League car hitboxes work on the exact same speed metrics, meaning every single car in Rocket League is the same speed. Technically.

Depending on the race, you could argue that the Dominus or Plank hitboxes are the fastest, given that they are the longest, and therefore if you're racing in a straight line, they will reach either the boost or the ball before that of an Octane or Merc by a matter of milliseconds.

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These hitboxes contain cars such as the '89 Batmobile / Batmobile (2022), the entire collection within the Formula 1 2021 package, the Fast and Furious Dodge Charger, and the ‘16 Batmobile.

If you judged the fastest car in Rocket League on a circuit though, these results might differ, as there are some smaller hitboxes, like the Octane, that turn quicker than the Dominus, given their length is shorter.

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How Fast Are Rocket League Cars?

According to research undergone by "Rocket Science", the fastest car in Rocket League can go 81 KM/H (51 mph).

The cars can reach supersonic speed from 79 KM/H (49mph) but dodging at this speed can add an extra bit of acceleration.

Ultimately though, all cars are the same, meaning there isn't technically a fastest car in Rocket League. For peace of mind though, let's just say the Formula 1 body.

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