5 essential tips to get you started in Fallout 4

5 essential tips to get you started in Fallout 4
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18th Apr 2024 17:10

If you're just starting out in Fallout 4 and you're looking for some tips, here are five essential ones to kickstart your post-apocalyptic adventures in-game.

There are lots of things to learn in the game, and a few recommendations that might not be immediately obvious to new players. That's why I've compiled five tips for you below if you're fresh to the wasteland and need a bit of advice. And remember, you can always use mods to enhance your playthrough even if it's your first time.

5 essential tips for new Fallout 4 players

Quicksave regularly

Quicksaving in Fallout 4.
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Like most Bethesda RPGs, Fallout 4 won't always save before every fight. That's why it's a good idea to regularly quicksave before any potentially dangerous situations.

You don't want to end up dying and returning to a checkpoint much further back, so quicksave often and you'll be good to go. This also means you can quickly return to a quicksave if something goes wrong and you want to retry.

I've been on the receiving end of many fights without quicksaving in games and it's never fun to have to re-do loads of stuff just to get back to where you need to be, so quicksave often.

Don't waste Stimpaks

Stimpaks in Fallout 4.
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Stimpaks are your main way of healing in Fallout 4. You'll only be able to carry whatever you find or purchase though, so you'll be pretty limited.

Since you don't always have a huge supply of Stimpaks you'll need to be careful about using them. You'll also need to use them for fixing broken limbs, which can be a common occurrence with the number of frag mines and other explosives/dangers out in the wasteland.

Food items can heal you a small amount if you need to heal a bit of health on the go, so don't waste Stimpaks unless you're missing a larger amount of health.

Don't go swimming

Water in Fallout 4.
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Swimming isn't a good idea in this game. You'll end up giving yourself rads, which need to be removed with RadAway or other methods.

It's not completely wrong to go swimming, especially if you need to do so to get away from an enemy, but be careful and look around for alternate paths across rivers as there's usually one around somewhere.

Use VATS often

Using VATS on a super mutant in Fallout 4.
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Fallout works a bit differently from other FPS games when it comes to firing your gun - rather than aiming it traditionally, you can use the VATS feature to hone in on enemy body parts and target them in slow motion.

When you enter VATS everything will slow down around you. This gives you time to get free shots on an enemy and potentially hit them with a critical shot to deal more damage.

VATS is essential when you need to quickly dispatch an enemy. If you're about to get hit by a creature, use VATS and shoot it before it can get to you.

Choose the right perks/stats for you

The perks screen in Fallout 4.
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Lastly, it's important to choose the right perks and S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats. The higher one of your stats is, the more perks you can unlock in that category. For example, if you have high strength you can get more strength perks.

Decide which kind of character you want to go with and focus on whatever stats/perks you need for that build. If you're interested in melee combat you'll want more strength points, but if you prefer to leave things up to fate you'll want to invest in the luck stat.

It's also wise to read the list of perks to see if any of them sound good to you. You might need to focus heavily on one stat before you can unlock a perk you really want, so invest points there early to ensure you can get it.

That's it for our Fallout 4 tips, but check out our Fallout homepage for more content. We've also got a full cast list for the Fallout TV show, and a rundown of some of the best mods to install in Fallout 4.

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