7 best camp locations in Fallout 76

7 best camp locations in Fallout 76
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When you begin your journey in Fallout 76, one of the first things you'll want to do is establish a C.A.M.P. Fallout 76's setting of Appalachia is massive, though, making it difficult to decide where exactly to build your home in this post-apocalyptic West Virginia.

This primer details some of the best camp locations in the game, complete with pros and cons for each spot.

South-west of Vault 76 in The Forest

A potential campsite south-west of Vault 76
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If you're just getting started in Fallout 76 and want a basic, quaint location to use for a base until you get the hang of things, one of the best locations for your camp is the area southwest of Vault 76

This spot isn't far from where the game begins, and it's about as safe as it gets - nukes can't even get you in this territory! There's more than enough water, and the ground is fairly flat, so you can painlessly practise your building.

East of the Garrahan & Hornwright Estates

A camp in the Ash Heap
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The southeast corner of the Ash Heap, just east of the Garrahan and Hornwright Estates, is another one of the best spots to set up your camp in Fallout 76. This location isn't too travelled, so you don't need to worry much about hostile Wastelanders or other dangerous foes.

Furthermore, this location is right next to two junk piles, allowing you to gather an endless amount of junk for crafting, it's near both Lewisburg Station and R&G Station for vending purposes, and it's close enough to places you'll find yourself frequenting often, like Harper's Fairy and Watoga.

South-west of The Whitespring Resort

The Whitespring in Fallout 76, home to one of the best camp locations
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The area south-west of The Whitespring Resort in the Savage Divide is a beautiful space for a C.A.M.P. Here, you'll find lush, green grass, a tiny lake, flat terrain that's perfect for building, and plenty of high-value resources and supplies.

The central location of the campsite means you won't ever have to go too far to get where you need to go, but it's in a relatively busy section of Appalachia that sees a lot of traffic from Wastelanders. However, thanks to the army of robots that patrol the area surrounding The Whitespring, you won't encounter many hostiles!

Silo Alpha

The Silo Alpha
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The Silo Alpha in the Savage Divide is similar to the lands south-west of The Whitespring Resort in that it's central, it offers level ground for building the structure of your dreams, and there's easy access to water in the form of a charming pond out in front.

As you might expect, this is a pretty high-traffic area, too. If that's not your cup of tea, consider constructing your camp elsewhere in Appalachia. There is a Yao Guai that calls this spot home, though, so if you can befriend it, it'll serve as an effective guard dog to keep out unwanted visitors.

East of the Top of the World

The Top of the World from afar
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Not far from Silo Alpha is another excellent spot to lay the foundations of a C.A.M.P., and that location is east of the Top of the World.

The Top of the World offers breathtaking views, and it's close to everything you could ever want, including resources, water, vendors, and merchants. Having said that, this is a popular location for Wastelanders to settle at, so don't be surprised if other players are occupying it already!

The waterfall east of the crashed plane

A camp at the waterfall east of the crashed plane in The Mire
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While The Mire is undoubtedly creepy and home to some absolutely terrifying creatures, the waterfall east of the crashed plane is, in my opinion, the most scenic spot in all of Fallout 76. There are plenty of places in Appalachia with a view, but you'll be hard-pressed to find a better location for a picturesque C.A.M.P.

Aside from the looks, this campsite is close to a number of premium resources and points of interest. It's rather secluded, too, so you usually won't have to deal with other Wastelanders.

North-east of Watoga

Watoga in Cranberry Bog in Fallout 76, one of the best camp locations
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Cranberry Bog is the most treacherous region in Appalachia, and with that, settling in this area is not for the faint of heart. But if you're up for the challenge, there are pros to building a camp in Cranberry Bog.

North-east of Watoga is an ideal location for a C.A.M.P. Not only is it near the bustling city of Watoga, but the surrounding area contains a variety of key resources. And if you want to experiment with building underground, there's an abandoned mineshaft perfect for it.

Best of all, establishing your camp here allows you to fast travel to Cranberry Bog freely! This'll save you a lot of Caps.

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and in reality, an experienced Wastelander can make a serviceable C.A.M.P. almost anywhere in Fallout 76. Nevertheless, certain spots are superior to others! Whether you prioritise functionality or aesthetics, the campsites listed above offer a little bit of everything and are overall some of the best locations for your base.

Fallout 76 has an awesome community that's more than willing to help out newcomers! Check out our Fallout homepage at GGRecon for more on the action role-playing game from Bethesda Game Studios.

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