All Fallout 4 console commands & cheats on PC

All Fallout 4 console commands & cheats on PC
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22nd Apr 2024 16:00


Fallout 4 has found a whole new generation of players thanks to the Fallout TV show, and with many diving into the PC version, it's worth learning about console commands and cheats and how they can be used to customise the game.

Whether it's spawning new armour and weapons, filling your pockets with bottle caps, turning on god mode, or unlocking every icon on the map - there are so many things you can do with commands to play your own way. So, learn how to use them and what things you can do below.

How to use console commands

To use a console command, you just need to type it into the game's console, which can be opened with the tilde key (`) on most keyboards, located left of the 1 key.

the Fallout 4 console with a command entered
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If you're like me and use a keyboard with a UK layout, you may need to press the @ button instead, but it all works exactly the same otherwise. 

Once you enter your chosen command, just press the Enter key to confirm it and the effects will take place.

All console commands

General commands




Toggles god mode (infinite health, ammo, and no encumbrance)


Toggles no clip mode


Activate or deactivate the free camera


Toggles all menus and UI elements on or off

fov 'XX' 'XX'

Sets the field of view. Replace the first 'XX' with your chosen number first-person FOV and the second 'XX' with your chosen third-person FOV (I recommend 90 to start with on both)


Toggles AI player detection, essentially making you invisible


Kills everyone in the vicinity

Inventory commands



Player.additem 'item id' 'number'

Get the indicated amount of the selected item

  • For example: player.additem 0000000f 1000 will add 1000 bottle caps to your inventory
  • You can find the item IDs for all items on the Fallout fandom wiki

Quest commands



Completeallobjectives 'quest id'

Complete all current objectives in the specified quest

Resetquest 'quest id'

Reset the chosen quest

Completequest 'quest id'

Complete the chosen quest


Completes all the primary quests, essentially completing the game

Player commands



Showlooksmenu player 1

Opens the character customisation menu

Player.setrace 'race id'

Change your race


Reset your current health

Player.modav 'skill' 'number'

Add or take away from your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats. 

  • For example: player.modav Strength  2 will add 2 to your Strength

Player.setlevel 'level'

Raise your level to the specified number


Changes the sex of selected character

NPC commands



Kill 'npc id'

Kills the specified NPC

Resurrect 'npc id'

Resurrects the specified NPC


Resets a chosen character

Getav CA_affinity

Shows the affinity level of your current companion

Setav CA_affinity 'number'

Changes the companion's affinity level to the chosen number

Player.addtofaction 'faction id' '0 or 1'

Allies you with the chosen faction

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