How to get Fallout 4's X-02 Power Armour from the Speak of the Devil quest

How to get Fallout 4's X-02 Power Armour from the Speak of the Devil quest
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1st May 2024 12:19


The next-gen update for Fallout 4 has brought in a bunch of Creation Club content to the game, including the mighty X-02 Power Armor. It's one of the best in the game if not the best, and you can get this armour via the Speak of the Devil quest.

In this guide, I'll explain how to get the X-02 Power Armor from this newly added quest in the game.

How to start the Speak of the Devil quest

After you've downloaded the latest Fallout 4 update, you'll get this quest automatically added with other quests like Pyromaniac and Crucible. You can select it and start tracking it on your map.

fallout 4 wattz electronic store
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The first location you'll have to go to is the Wattz Electronic Store. Entering the location, go across the broken first floor and you'll notice a radio on a table.

fallout 4 connie's note
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You'll find Connie's Note and the Black Devil Vol. 1. Reading the note will start the quest.

Following in Connie's footsteps

After reading the note, your quest marker will lead you to Relay Tower 0MC-810, which has a few Enclave soldiers. I also found a few Radroaches there as well. Once you clear out the enemies, you'll notice Richie's dead body which has Richie's note and AM 810 music catalogue on it. Take both and activate the terminal beside the body to extend the satellites.

fallout 4 relay tower 0MC-810
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It takes around ten seconds and after it's done, load the AM810 holotape into the terminal. You'll have to transfer the 'Stars and Stripes Forever' file. After doing that a new radio signal is added and your next quest marker will be at the BADTFL Regional Office.

fallout 4 badtfl regional office
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When you get to the BADTFL Regional office, you'll find Connie's dead body in one of the interrogation rooms along with the FM 52.7 music catalogue, which is locked. To unlock it, you have three options:

  • If you have Hacker +1, you can generate a list of passwords to hack it like a terminal
  • If you have Hacker +3, you can hack it immediately, which is what I did.
  • Another way is to read Connie's Confession on the table, which gives a hint of the password.

If you chose the third option, then after reading Connie's Confession, look behind her body, on the wall with two holes. One of the holes has a cigarette paper with the words ''El Diablo Viene''. It basically translates to [e\_di@bl0*p7z+rk4CkzEsx\@iene in the holotape.

fallout 4 speak of the devil password location
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After doing that, the holotape will be unlocked and you'll have a new quest marker at Relay Tower 0SC-527. You'll have to do the same as with the previous Relay Tower and load the FM 52.7 music catalogue. Now, you'll have to transfer the 'America the Beautiful' file.

fallout 4 boston police rationing site
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Another radio signal will be added and the final quest marker will be at the Boston Police Rationing Site, which will lead you to the X-02 Power Armour.

How to get the X-02 Power Armour

After going to the Boston Police Rationing Site, you'll notice the door is locked. You can jump your way to the roof from the train beside it or use an explosive to destroy the lock. While these are options to unlock it, I simply used my Power Armour's Jet Pack mod to go up to the roof and enter inside. You'll find the Utility Tunnel entrance inside. Go through the tunnel and you'll eventually end up in a room with the X-02 Power Armour behind a locked door. There's a radio in front of it, and activating it will unlock the door and you'll have access to the X-02 Power Armour.

fallout 4 x02 power armour
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The terminal behind the armour has all the details about The Black Devil and the person behind them. You then have the option to, short-circuit the transmission or restore the Enclave Radio. Doing the former will essentially remove traces of the Black Devil's character and give you access to a safe with loot. Restoring the radio will lock the safe.

After getting the X-02 Power Armour, a few Enclave soldiers will show up and try to kill you. Eliminate them and you'll be safe to go.

That's everything you need to know about getting the X-02 Power Armour in Fallout 4's Speak of the Devil Quest.

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