How to get Fallout 4's Hellfire Power Armour from the Pyromaniac quest

How to get Fallout 4's Hellfire Power Armour from the Pyromaniac quest
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29th Apr 2024 12:16

The new Pyromaniac quest in Fallout 4 will reward you with some fancy Hellfire Power Armour if you complete it.

This quest was added with the recent next-gen update for the game, and while it's a very simple one to complete, if you're stuck, here's what you need to do to get access to the Power Armour for your wasteland adventures.

How to start Pyromaniac in Fallout 4

To start the Pyromaniac quest, all you need to do is download the next-gen update for Fallout 4. When your game is fully updated, head into your save file and you should get the new quests automatically, including the one we're after.

The one you need is called Pyromaniac. Track it and you'll see the waypoint on the map where you'll need to go (it's to the left of Saugus Ironworks).

Pyromaniac's map location in Fallout 4
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How to get the Hellfire Power Armour

Head to the waypoint indicated on the map after tracking the quest, and when you get there, you'll see a Pyro wearing the Hellfire Power Armour, and two Forged.

Take them out using whatever weapons you have, but watch out for the Pyro's flamethrower!

Looting the Hellfire Power Armour from the Pyro.
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After defeating these enemies, loot the Pyro and you'll be able to grab each piece of the Hellfire Power Armour set. The armour weighs a ton, but gives you lots of resistance.

That's pretty much it - this is a very short quest, and it's only there to give you a way to track down the Hellfire Power Armour easily.

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