All Police Station Locations In DMZ & Warzone 2

All Police Station Locations In DMZ & Warzone 2
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24th Jan 2023 13:48

Here are all the police station locations in DMZ & Warzone 2. These police stations are required for DMZ missions, and they're also helpful if you need certain items or weapons. Let's take a look at where to find each police station on the map in DMZ & Warzone 2.

DMZ & Warzone 2 Police Station Locations: Where To Find Them

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There are three different police stations in Al Mazrah and one police academy. The academy is a named location separate from the other three stations and requires you to find a key for it. For this guide, we're focusing on the three police stations.

As for the police stations themselves, there's one in Al Mazrah City, one in Mawizeh Marshlands, and one in Sa'id City. Enemies will usually spawn around them, so getting into them can be a challenge.

The Al Mazrah police station is at the northwestern corner of the city, above a roundabout. The Mawizeh Marshlands police station is just over a bridge by the riverside to the southeast. The Sa'id City police station is below the mall to the southeast.

DMZ & Warzone 2 Police Station Locations: What's In Them?

One of the main reasons to visit a police station is the Basilisk. This handgun is only found in police stations in DMZ & Warzone 2 and you'll need to find one for the mission Badge of Honor.

Badge of Honor requires you to find a Basilisk and get 13 headshots with it. You can always equip it as your insured weapon, but you'll still need to find one in the station for one step of the mission.

You can also use keys to unlock the armoury in these police stations to gain access to more weaponry in the lockers. The keys will work for any of the three normal police stations, but the police academy requires its own unique key.

Just be careful of all the enemies around these stations as they pack a punch!

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