Destiny 2 Daily Challenges: How To Find And Complete Daily Iron Banner Challenges

Destiny 2 Daily Challenges: How To Find And Complete Daily Iron Banner Challenges
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Dave McAdam


7th Sep 2022 15:30

Destiny 2 daily challenges for Iron Banner seem to be causing a deal of confusion. Destiny 2 has made some changes to how Iron Banner works in recent months, with a total overhaul to how you progress and earn rewards. Unfortunately, the wording on some of the new challenges isn't very clear. So here is a quick explainer on Destiny 2 Iron Banner daily challenges.

Destiny 2 Iron Banner Daily Challenges: How To Find Them

Destiny 2: Iron Banner splash screen
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The main issue with Iron Banner daily challenges, is that if you look around the menus of the game you will not find anything specifically labelled as a 'daily challenge'. A visit to Lord Saladin won't clear anything up either, as he no longer even carries bounties for you to complete.

Now, you might be looking at your Iron Banner quest and wondering how you are supposed to complete a daily challenge for it when there are none, but we're here to tell you there are. They are just a bit poorly signposted.

If you go to the Crucible menu in the Destinations tab, hover over Iron Banner. At the bottom of the pop-up, you will see the weekly challenge. Now, the weekly challenge certainly is not a daily challenge, but it is made up of daily challenges.

You can see that the weekly challenge has multiple steps to it, and in fact, each of those steps is a daily challenge. It is annoying that the game does not make that clearer, but those are indeed the daily challenges.


  • If you plan on using the new Arc subclasses for the daily Iron Banner challenges, you should check out our Destiny 2 Arc 3.0 guide.

Destiny 2 Iron Banner Daily Challenges: Completing The Challenges

The Iron Banner node on the map screen, showing the daily challenge
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There are four daily challenges during the week of Iron Banner. As you can see above, the first one is to complete three IB matches while using either an Arc or Stasis subclass. The daily challenges continue in this vein, tasking you with completing further matches with these subclasses.

What makes them 'daily challenges' is that only the first challenge is available on the first day of Iron Banner. The subsequent three challenges become available one at a time over the following three days. So that equates to four daily challenges to complete by Friday. Each one will reward you with a pinnacle loot drop, so be sure to focus on them if you need some gear to level yourself up.

That is everything you need to know about Destiny 2 Iron Banner daily challenges. For more on the game, check out our Destiny 2 King's Fall Raid walkthrough.

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