All weapons in the Destiny 2 BRAVE arsenal & how to unlock them

All weapons in the Destiny 2 BRAVE arsenal & how to unlock them
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The BRAVE Arsenal has made its debut in Destiny 2, bringing back some fan-favourite weapons with some new perks and a fresh coat of paint. Destiny 2's Into the Light update is giving players one last chance to stock up on some of the best weapons in the game, ahead of the crucial battle coming in The Final Shape.

The BRAVE Arsenal isn't just handed to you, however, as you will need to earn these weapons through completing quests and the new game mode, Onslaught. Here is everything you need to know about them.

Which weapons are in the BRAVE Arsenal?

The Recluse SMG in the Destiny 2 inventory screen
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The BRAVE Arsenal is made up of 12 weapons from across Destiny 2's history. Those weapons are:

Weapon Name Type
Forbearance Wave Frame Grenade Launcher
Succession Sniper Rifle
Falling Guillotine Sword
The Recluse Submachine Gun
The Mountaintop Breech Grenade Launcher
Hammerhead Machine Gun
Blast Furnace Pulse Rifle (Unlocks April 30)
Edge Transit Heavy Grenade Launcher
Luna's Howl Hand Cannon (Unlocks April 30)
Midnight Coup Hand Cannon
Hung Jury SR4 Scout Rifle
Elsie's Rifle (formerly The Stranger's Rifle) Pulse Rifle

These weapons originate from across the history of the game, from Destiny 1 weapons to the Black Armory, from Nightfall rewards to Raid weapons.

Each of these weapons has been reprised with the BRAVE Arsenal livery and origin trait, Indomitability. Many of them have been tweaked further, like the Mountaintop which has been changed for fear of it ruining the Crucible again.

How do you get BRAVE Arsenal weapons?

The simplest way to get your hands on any of the BRAVE Arsenal weapons is to take part in the new Onslaught activity. Every tenth wave of this horde mode gives you a chest to open, and the chest is guaranteed to have at least one BRAVE weapon.

Quests to unlock the BRAVE Arsenal weapons in Destiny 2
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Into the Light has launched with six of the twelve weapons available, with two more being added each week for the next three weeks. All of the BRAVE Arsenal weapons will be available by April 30, with the last two unlocking on that date - the Blast Furnace Pulse Rifle and the Luna's Howl Hand Cannon.

Random drops aren't your only option. Once you log in after Into the Light you'll have a short quest for Shaxx that will get you started on collecting the weapons. This will introduce you to Arcite's quests, he has one for each weapon in the arsenal.

Completing each of his quests will give you a curated roll of that weapon with a special colour scheme. These curated rolls aren't necessarily the god rolls, but still a really good version of that weapon.

If you do want to farm for god rolls, completing the Arcite quests is the first step. They're pretty straightforward, usually just requiring you to get a certain number of kills with weapons of the same type. Once you have completed a weapon's quest, you can then attune to it at its relevant hologram in the Hall of Champions.

Attuning to Elsie's Rifle in the Hall of Champions
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Attuning to a weapon increases your chance of getting more of them from Onslaught. If there is a particular god roll you are after, attuning is the way to go.

The fancy skin that the curated rolls come with are known as limited editions, and you can get more of them from random rewards in Onslaught. They are extra desirable as they can come with double perks in the third and fourth columns.

Limited editions can only be acquired from now until The Final Shape launches, so you have until then to try and get the ones you really want.

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That is it for our rundown of the BRAVE Arsenal. For more, head to our Destiny 2 homepage where we have guides including the Into the Light patch notes, our favourite Warlock and Hunter builds, and regularly updated guides for the weekly reset, Lost Sector rotation, Trials of Osiris, and Xur.

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