Cyberpunk 2077 Monowire: How To Get, Best Stats And Perks

Cyberpunk 2077 Monowire: How To Get, Best Stats And Perks
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26th Sep 2022 17:45

Cyberpunk 2077 monowire is just one of a few options players have when it comes to their main offensive cyberware. Cyberpunk 2077 has a long list of cybernetic mods that have many uses, but few are more important to your build than choosing which arm mod to use. The monowire is one of the flashiest and most powerful, it gives you a razor-sharp wire that can whip around and cut enemies to shreds. Here is everything you need to know about acquiring and improving the Cyberpunk 2077 monowire.

Cyberpunk 2077 Monowire: How To Get

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The simple answer to this is to head to a Ripperdoc. There are Ripperdocs all over the city, and each one has their own stock. Not all of the docs will have powerful monowires available, as each Ripperdoc will have them at different rarities. Which ones you can buy are determined by your street cred, and also if you can afford them. Equipping them is another story, you don't necessarily need to be a certain level, just bear in mind that the monowire scales with your Reflexes stat, and is affected by Blades perks.

Legendary monowires can be purchased from the Ripperdocs in Wellsprings, Heywood and Downtown City Center. To buy these, you need to have at least 45 street cred, and they cost €$35,650. A much more manageable option is to purchase an epic monowire, they cost €$20,650, and can be purchased in Wellsprings, Japantown, Rancho Coronado, Arroyo, or at the Aldecados camp. These only require a street cred of 25, and are still very powerful.

Rare monowires, which is to say the regular blue variety, can be purchased from any other Ripperdoc. These only cost €$12,950 and require 20 street cred. You can get these earlier than the higher rarities, but considering there is only a 5 level difference in street cred, you might be better off saving your money for an epic monowire.


Cyberpunk 2077 Monowire: Mods and Perks

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How many mods you can equip to your monowire depends on the rarity of the monowire itself. With a legendary monowire, you can equip three mods. There are two types of mods specific to the monowire, battery mods and cable mods. Cable mods change the type of damage the monowire does. These can be very useful for taking on enemies with specific weaknesses, but also they can be useful in general to do more damage, such as burning or electrocuting enemies. Battery mods give percentage boosts to the monowire's damage. The best one to get is the high-capacity battery from the Ripperdoc in Pacifica, which grants a massive 50% bonus damage.

In your third slot, you could insert a sensory amplifier. This mod is universal, it can be equipped to any cyberarm and has a different effect depending on where you get it. For the monowire, you could go to the Kabuki Ripperdoc to get an extra 2% critical chance, or head to the doc in Heywood to get 20% extra critical damage. You could use multiples of these to focus in on critical damage, or focus on flat damage with batteries and cable mods.

For stats and perks to back the monowire up, it is all about Reflexes and Blades. A relatively recent change has made it so that instead of the Cool stat, monowire now scales with Reflexes, and is affected by Blades perks instead of blunt weapons. This change has made the monowire deadly, with some amazing perks to back it up.

Within the Blades category, you have a few options. You have the initial perks that give boosts to your Blades damage, and others that reduce stamina use. These are always good, it's never a bad thing to up your base damage. For more specialisation, you could go for a Bleed build, use perks like Crimson Dance to increase chance of bleeding from combo attacks, Stuck Pig to prolong bleeding effects, and Bloodlust to recover health while fighting bleeding enemies. This is a great option for tougher enemies and bosses.

However, where the monowire really shines is in dicing groups of enemies in the blink of an eye. On top of the perks that increase your overall damage, there are perks like Blessed Blade and Dragon Strike that massively increase your critical chance and damage. This pairs well with Judge, Jury and Executioner, arguably the most powerful perk in the Blades tree. This grants 50% bonus damage against enemies with max health. With the right mods and perks backing it up, Judge, Jury and Executioner basically guarantees that you will be cutting down hordes of enemies in a single slice.

That is it for the Cyberpunk 2077 monowire. For more on the game, especially if you are interested in powerful cyberware, check out our Cyberpunk 2077 Fingers guide to learn more.

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