Cyberpunk 2077 Cars List

Cyberpunk 2077 Cars List
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27th Sep 2022 16:12

There are many Cyberpunk 2077 cars that players can use to drive around Night City, with the game featuring a collection of cars from both fake and real car manufacturers which have been redesigned to fit into the game's heavily corporatised dystopian future. While you can own a selection of cars in Cyberpunk by purchasing them or earning during quests, you are also able to steal ones that are parked up or being driven, with this getting more difficult based on the class of vehicles. So if you are looking for a breakdown of the full Cyberpunk 2077 cars list, including the full selection of cars which can be owned, we've got you covered. 

  • We also have a full breakdown of the Cyberpunk 2077 romance options, which covers how to get down and dirty with all the characters who can be romanced during the game. 

Cyberpunk 2077 Cars List

We'll list every single vehicle in Cyberpunk 2077 below, broken up by the manufacturer. 


Cyberpunk 2077 Cars List 1
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  • Arasaka AV
  • Arasaka Kuhira


Cyberpunk 2077 Cars List 2
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  • ARCH Nazaré
  • ARCH Nazaré Racer
  • ARCH Nazaré "Itsumade"
  • Jackie's ARCH


Cyberpunk 2077 Cars List 3
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  • Archer Hella EC-D i360
  • Archer Hella EC-V i660 Voyage
  • Archer Quartz EC-L r275
  • Archer Quartz EC-T2 r660
  • Archer Hella EC-H i860 NCPD Enforcer
  • Archer Hella "Eradicator"
  • Archer Quartz "Bandit"
  • Archer Quartz "Barghest"
  • Archer Quartz "Sidewinder"


Cyberpunk 2077 Cars List 4
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  • Brennan Apollo (off-road)
  • Brennan Apollo (Sportbike)
  • Brennan Apollo "Cicada"
  • Brennan Apollo "Gremlin"
  • Brennan Apollo "Scorpion"


Cyberpunk 2077 Cars List 5
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  • Chevillon Thrax 378 Decurion
  • Chevillon Thrax 388 Jefferson
  • Chevillon Emperor 620 Ragnar
  • Chevillon Thrax "Fire Fang"
  • Chevillon Thrax "Hammer Drill"
  • Chevillon Emperor 720 NCPD Ironclad
  • Chevillon Emperor "Dominator"


Cyberpunk 2077 Cars List 6
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  • Delamain AV
  • Delamain no. 21


Cyberpunk 2077 Cars List 7
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  • Herrera Outlaw GTS


Cyberpunk 2077 Cars List 8
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  • Kaukaz Bratsk U4020
  • Kaukaz Zeya U420
  • Kaukaz Aras 271


Mahir Motors

Cyberpunk 2077 Cars List 9
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  • Mahir Supron FS3
  • Mahir MT28 Coach


Cyberpunk 2077 Cars List 10
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  • Makigai MaiMai P126
  • Makigai MaiMai P126 (GT)


Cyberpunk 2077 Cars List 11
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  • Militech Behemoth
  • Militech Basilisk
  • Militech Griffin
  • Militech Manticore
  • Militech Wyvern


Cyberpunk 2077 Cars List 12
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  • Mizutani Shion MZ1
  • Mizutani Shion MZ2
  • Mizutani Shion Targa MZT
  • Mizutani Shion "Kyokotsu"
  • Mizutani Shion "Bonewrecker"
  • Mizutani Shion "Coyote"
  • Mizutani Shion "Wendigo"


Cyberpunk 2077 Cars List 13
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  • Porsche 911 II (930) Turbo


Cyberpunk 2077 Cars List 14
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  • Quadra Turbo-R740
  • Quadra Turbo-R V-Tech
  • Quadra Type-66 640 TS
  • Quadra Type-66 Avenger
  • Quadra Turbo-R "Raijin"
  • Quadra Type-66 "Cthulhu"
  • Quadra Type-66 "Javelina"
  • Quadra Type-66 "Jen Rowley"
  • Quadra Type-66 "Mistral"
  • Quadra Type-66 "Reaver"


Cyberpunk 2077 Cars List 15
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  • Rayfield Caliburn
  • Rayfield Aerondight "Guinevere"
  • Rayfield Excalibur


Cyberpunk 2077 Cars List 16
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  • Thorton Galena G240
  • Thorton Galena GA32t
  • Thorton Colby C125
  • Thorton Colby C210 Camper
  • Thorton Colby CST40
  • Thorton Colby CX410 Butte
  • Thorton Mackinaw MTL 1
  • Thorton Mackinaw Larimore
  • Thorton Galena "Gecko"
  • Thorton Galena "Ghoul"
  • Thorton Galena "The Rat"
  • Thorton Galena GA40xt "Rattler"
  • Thorton Colby "Little Mule"
  • Thorton Colby "Revenant"
  • Thorton Colby "Shootin' Brake"
  • Thorton Colby "Vaquero"
  • Thorton Mackinaw "Saguaro"
  • Thorton Mackinaw "Warhorse"
  • Thorton Mackinaw "Beast"

Ural Kombinat

Cyberpunk 2077 Cars List 17
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  • Ural Kombinat AM-773


Cyberpunk 2077 Cars List 18
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  • Villefort Alvarado V4F 570 Delegate
  • Villefort Alvarado V4FC 580 Playboy
  • Villefort Cortes V5000 Valor
  • Villefort Columbus V340-F Freight
  • Villefort Alvarado "Vato"
  • Villefort Cortes V6000 NCPD Overlord
  • Villefort Delamain Cab
  • Villefort Columbus "Sea Dragon"


Cyberpunk 2077 Cars List 19
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  • Yaiba Kusanagi CT-3X
  • Yaiba Kusanagi "Misfit"
  • Yaiba Kusanagi "Mizuchi"


Cyberpunk 2077 Cars List 20
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  • Zeatech Atlus
  • Zeatech Bombus
  • Zeatech Canopy
  • Zeatech Octant
  • Zeatech Surveyor
  • Zeatech Valgus

Cyberpunk 2077 Ownable Cars List

Cyberpunk 2077 Ownable Cars List
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Vehicle Vendor Price/How To Acquire Mission
Archer Hella EC-D i360 n/a Mission Reward Human Nature
ARCH Nazaré Wakako Okada €71,000 n/a
ARCH Nazaré "Itsumade" n/a Mission Reward The Highwayman
Archer Quartz "Bandit" Dakota Smith

€69,000 (Killed Nash

Mission Reward (Spared Nash)

Ghost Town
Archer Quartz EC-T2 r660 Regina Jones €31,000 n/a
Brennan Apollo Sebastian Ibarra €30,000 n/a
Brennan Apollo "Scorpion" n/a Mission Reward Life During Wartime
Chevillon Emperor 620 Ragnar Dino Dinovic €38,000 n/a
Chevillion Thrax 388 Jefferson Sebastian Ibarra €34,000 n/a
Delamain no. 21 n/a Mission Reward


Don't Lose Your Mind

Herrera Outlaw GTS Dino Dinovic €92,000 n/a
Jackie's ARCH n/a Mission Reward Heroes
Mahir Supron FS3 Muamar Reyes €16,000 n/a
Makigai MaiMai P126 Wakako Okada €22,000 n/a
Mizutani Shion "Coyote" (Teal and Yellow) Dakota Smith €77,000 n/a
Mizutani Shion "Coyote" (Red and Grey) n/a Mission Reward With a Little help from My Friends
Mizutani Shion MZ2 Regina Jones €57,000 n/a
Porsche 911 II (930) Turbo n/a Mission Reward Chippin' In
Quadra Turbo-R 740 Wakako Okada €69,000 n/a
Quadra Turbo-R V-Tech n/a Mission Reward

Gig: Life's Work

Sex On Wheels

Quadra Type-66 640 TS Dino Dinovic Mission Reward

All Dino Dinovic Gigs

Gas Gas Gas 

Quadra Type-66 Avenger Dino Dinovic €75,000 n/a
Quadra Type-66 "Cthulhu" Regina Jones

Mission Reward (Sampson Spared)

€76,000 (Sampson Dead)

The Beast in Me
Quadra Type-66 "Javelina" Dakota Smith €99,000 n/a
Quadra Type-66 "Jen Rowley" Muamar Reyes €52,000 n/a
Rayfield Aerondight "Guinevere" Wakako Okada €155,000 n/a
Rayfield Caliburn (White and Gold) Dino Dinovic €127,000 n/a
Rayfield Caliburn (Black) n/a Mission Reward Murk Man Returns Again Once More Forever
Thorton Colby C125 Regina Jones €18,000 n/a
Thorton Colby CX410 Butte (Red) n/a Mission Reward Dressed to Kill
Thorton Colby CX410 Butte (Lime) Muamar Reyes €25,000 n/a
Thorton Colby "Little Mule" Dakota Smith €35,000 n/a
Thorton Galena G240 Regina Jones €13,000 n/a
Thorton Galena "Rattler" n/a Mission Reward These Boots Are Made For Walkin' (Nomad Lifepath)
Thorton Galena "Gecko" Dakota Smith €41,000 n/a
Thorton Mackinaw "Beast" n/a Mission Reward The Beast in Me
Thorton Mackinaw MTL1 Muamar Reyes €33,000 n/a
Thorton Mackinaw "Saguaro" Dakota Smith Mission Reward Every Grain of Sand
Villefort Alvarado V4F 570 Delegate Sebastian Ibarra €39,000 n/a
Villefort Alvarado "Vato" n/a Mission Reward Beat on the Brat: The Glen
Villefort Columbus V340-F Freight Dino Dinovic €19,000 n/a
Villefort Cortes V5000 Valor Sebastian Ibarra €28,000 n/a
Yaiba Kusanagi CT-3X Wakako Okada €58,000 n/a

That's all for our coverage of the Cyberpunk 2077 cars list, and now you know the name of every vehicle in the game that can be driven, including the ownable cars. 

You may also want to know how to get the Cyberpunk 2077 secret ending, which requires you to make some specific choices throughout the game. 

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