Cyberpunk 2077 Lucy Build: How To Play As Lucy From Edgerunners

Cyberpunk 2077 Lucy Build: How To Play As Lucy From Edgerunners
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Dave McAdam


21st Sep 2022 10:20

This Cyberpunk 2077 Lucy build will put you as much in the shoes of the skilled Netrunner as possible. Cyberpunk 2077 has seen new life since the release of the Netlflix tie-in anime series, and many players have become attached to the characters from the show. Lucy is one of the key characters in the anime, who has powerful abilities. Here are the things you need to do to create a Cyberpunk 2077 Lucy build.

Cyberpunk 2077 Lucy Build: Cyberware

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Let's start with the upgrades. First, Lucy's weapon of choice is the Monowire. This is one of the arm mods you can get, like Gorilla Arms or Mantis Blades. The Monowire is fast, nimble and extremely effective at taking enemies apart. You can purchase one from just about any Ripperdoc, but to get the full effect you should head to Doc Ryder in Wellsprings. He sells a legendary version of each of the cyber arms, so head there if you have the cash to spare. Of course, you can then add mods to your Monowire, to make it do things like fire damage or extra critical damage.

While you're at the Doc, you might want to pick up a new operating system, such as the Netwatch Netdriver MK.5 that he sells. Lucy's more prominent side is her hacking ability, and this OS is fitting for a Netrunner-style build. Plenty of RAM, lots of slots, perfect for a powerful hacker.

Lucy is also very fast and nimble, and there are many ways to achieve that in the game. Mods like Reinforced Tendons that allow you to double jump, or the Kerenzikov nervous system mod which slows time when you aim or attack while sliding or dodging, these kinds of mods add to the feeling of being a fast and deadly cyber ninja.

Cyberpunk 2077 Lucy Build: Stats And Perks

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For your stats, you are going to want to start off by putting as many points as you can into Intelligence. Both Breach Protocol and Quickhacking have many perks that you are going to want, so focus in this area. The Monowire will be your main physical weapon, but hacking is where you will do the real damage.

There are almost no Quickhacking perks here that you don't want, but some to focus on would be Critical Error, which allows your quickhacks to do critical damage, perks like Plague and Diffusion will spread the damage to many more enemies, and eventually Bartmoss' Legacy so you can craft Legendary quickhacks. Also, there are mods you can buy from Ripperdocs that require high intelligence, which will further boost your hacking cybernetics.

To buff your Monoblade, put some points into Reflexes. The Monowire has been changed and now scales with Reflexes, and any perks that buff Blade damage will also affect the Monowire. Grab some perks that increase Blade damage, attack speed, and while you're there you should pick up Deathbolt for some handy movement speed and health regeneration. Judge, Jury and Executioner has you doing double damage against enemies with full health, grab this perk and you will kill almost anyone in a single hit.


To finish off, we can either put points into Cool or Body. Now, Lucy is pretty cool, so it only seems fitting to give her some Cool points. This is a great idea, because both Ninjutsu and Cold Blood work really well with this build. Considering you are a walking murder blender, you will be able to make great use of Cold Blood stacks. Also, there are a few perks within the Ninjutsu tree such as the Assassin perk which is just a flat 15% increase to your damage to human enemies. You can also make use of this tree to make your build a bit more sneaky.

Conversely, and this is not to say we cannot do all of the above we are simply prioritising an order, we can build up our Body. Specifically, working on the Athletics perk tree. There are some great perks here to go with the Monowire, like Steel and Chrome for 10% extra melee damage or True Grit for increased stamina, something we will be using a lot of while wielding the Monowire.

With this Cyberpunk 2077 Lucy build, Night City won't know what hit it. For more on the game, check out our Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty release date guide.

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