Cyberpunk 2077 David Martinez Build: How To Play Like David From Edgerunners

Cyberpunk 2077 David Martinez Build: How To Play Like David From Edgerunners
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19th Sep 2022 17:40

Creating a Cyberpunk 2077 David Martinez build will let you play just like the main character from the Edgerunners anime. Cyberpunk 2077 has a long list of build options, with so many weapons, stats and cybernetic upgrades to choose from. Fans of the new anime series might see the things that David Martinez can do and wonder if they can do those things in the game. You absolutely can, you just need a Cyberpunk 2077 David Martinez build.

Cyberpunk 2077 David Martinez Build: Cyberware

The Sandevistan cyberware that David uses
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The key to having your V play like David Martinez is in the cyberware. First and foremost, the source of David's extreme speed and reflexes is the Sandevistan. In Cyberpunk 2077, Sandevistan is one of the three types of operating systems you can equip. The unique power of a Sandevistan OS is the ability to slow time, much like David does in the anime. There are many different models of Sandevistan that you can acquire in the game, but the best one to replicate David's near infinite tolerance to the effects of time dilation is the Qiant Sandevistan MK.4.

The base Qiant Sandevistan MK.4 has only 15 seconds of cooldown between uses, but there are ways to reduce that even further. The only way to get this Sandevistan OS is to purchase it from Fingers, the Ripperdoc on Jig-Jig Street. You will encounter Fingers during the main story, and although you may really want to, you cannot hurt him during this encounter if you want to avail of his services later. So long as you have not soured your relationship with Fingers, you can purchase this Sandevistan from him.


The other major cyberware you will want for this build is Gorilla Arms. Now, you could pair the Sandevistan with just about anything, but melee is where the ability shines. Bullets fired from guns while time is slowed will also move slow, great for placing your shots but no more effective for damage output. Melee is the way to go with a Sandevistan, as there is no reduction in how fast you can punch. You could use Mantis Blades, but if we are sticking true to David Martinez, Gorilla Arms are the way to go.

To get legendary Gorilla Arms you can finish the campaign, which will get you a set for free. However, if you do not want to wait that long you can purchase them from Doc Ryder in Wellsprings.

Finally, we want to grab a couple of body mods that will reduce that Sandevistan's cooldown. A good way to start is to grab a legendary quality Bioconductor, which will reduce your cyberware cooldowns by 30%. You can buy one of these from the Ripperdoc in the Aldecaldo camp.

Also, you can head to the Ripperdoc in Arroyo to purchase the crafting recipe for heat sinks for the Sandevistan. You can equip three of these, and each one will reduce the cooldown by 4 seconds. You will need to upgrade your Crafting stat in order to get the higher levels of these, but it is worth it. Put all of this together to have your Sandevistan recharge in mere seconds, and nearly constantly usable.

Cyberpunk 2077 David Martinez Build: Necessary Stats

fighting with Trauma Team
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Having the cyberware is all well and good, but if you do not have the stats required to power it, then it really won't do you any good. There are a couple of stats and perks you will want in order to make this build truly powerful. First and foremost, you need at least 15 points in Reflexes, as that is the minimum requirement to use the Sandevistan. The other category you want to focus on is Body, as the build is focused on melee damage.

Within the Body category, you should grab some perks in the Athletics and Street Brawler trees. Athletics has the Steel and Chrome perk, which is a flat boost of 20% to all melee damage. There are a lot of Athletics perks regarding health regeneration, so be sure to grab some of those as you will need to stay healthy. Other than that, put a lot of focus into Street Brawler. These perks give you far more melee damage, many of them will boost your damage with blunt weapons, which the Gorilla Arms are categorised as.

The next set of perks you want is in the Cool section, so be sure to throw some of your points in there too. Specifically, the Cold Blood tree has perks that allow you to build stacks of Cold Blood, which can increase your movement speed, melee damage and your attack speed.

With this Cyberpunk 2077 David Martinez build, you can be slowing time and wrecking shop just like he does. For a different side of the game, check out our Cyberpunk 2077 Nibbles guide.

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