Can You Play The Sims 4 On iPad?

Can You Play The Sims 4 On iPad?
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Kiera Mills


6th Jan 2023 16:21

The Sims 4 is still going strong after nine years and almost 60 pieces of DLC content (12 expansion packs, 12 game packs 18 stuff packs and 17 kits to be precise). The Sims 4 remains a huge success for EA developers Maxis and is available to play across many platforms, with the most recent console release landmarking the occasion in 2017. To find out if you can access The Sims on iPad or your preferred platform of choice, read here.

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The Sims 4: Can You Play It On iPad?

The Sims Mobile: Gameplay
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Unfortunately, EA has not addressed any plans to port The Sims 4 onto the iOS store. Although you can buy The Sims 4 on the Origin or Steam app, you cannot access these from your iPad directly and it will not run on the operating system.

You may be able to run the game through an emulator online, but these are tricky to source and may be from questionable origins. Alternatively, The Sims Mobile is available on iOS and Android devices, which may offer an effective substitute. The Sims Mobile uses similar assets to The Sims 4 but runs as a traditional mobile game and city builder, implementing time loop mechanics and a level-up system.

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