Call of Duty Carry Forward: What content carries over to MW3?

Call of Duty Carry Forward: What content carries over to MW3?
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With excitement building around Modern Warfare 3, you may have heard the term "Carry Forward" tossed around. Thanks to Carry Forward, the content you unlocked in previous Call of Duty releases will transfer to the latest title. This primer will overview Call of Duty Carry Forward, including what content does and does not carry over to Modern Warfare 3.

What is Call of Duty Carry Forward?

Carry Forward is a blessing for players that spent a lot of money on MW2 and Warzone.
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For the first time in Call of Duty history, content you've acquired from the previous Call of Duty title will transfer to the next Call of Duty title. The term designated for this process is Carry Forward. Carry Forward refers to existing content in Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) and the current iteration of Warzone that will carry over to Modern Warfare 3 (MW3).

Call of Duty Carry Forward: What content carries over to MW3?

Nearly all the content in MW2 and Warzone will carry over to MW3 with Carry Forward.
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While there are some exceptions and caveats, almost all the content in MW2 and Warzone, including Base Weapons and attachments, Operators and Operator Skins, Blueprints, and Weapon Camos, will be available in MW3. 

However, for content to appear in Modern Warfare 3, you must have unlocked it in the previous titles. If you didn't unlock something via levelling up, completing a challenge, or purchasing it in MW2 or Warzone, you won't have it in MW3. This includes limited-time unlocks like content from Battle Passes.

If there's something you failed to unlock in Modern Warfare 2 that you really want to use in Modern Warfare 3, you can go back to MW2 and unlock it post-release of MW3, provided the content is still available.

Carry Forward applies to Warzone Mobile too! Since MW2, Warzone, MW3, and Warzone Mobile all share progression, you can use content like Operators, Weapons, and Blueprints, across all four titles. Better yet, Player Level, Battle Pass access, and Weapon Progression will persist across all these games to boot.

Call of Duty Carry Forward: What content does not carry over to MW3?

Take note of the content that isn't eligible to Carry Forward to MW3
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There is scarcely any content from Modern Warfare 2 and the current version of Warzone that won't be available in Modern Warfare 3. Even Weapon Charms, Weapon Stickers, Emblems, and Loading Screens will carry over! But, unfortunately, there are cases where stuff you unlocked in the older titles won't be eligible to transfer to MW3 with Carry Forward.

If gameplay in MW3 does not support content from MW2, then it will not Carry Forward. The Call of Duty Staff hints that MW3 might not feature select vehicles and Tactical/Lethal Equipment from MW2. For instance, if MW3 replaced Frag Grenades with a new Lethal Equipment variant, the Wumpa Grenade Skin would not be usable in MW3. Wartracks will not Carry Forward either.

Despite how extensive Carry Forward is, not all content is entirely compatible between Call of Duty titles. Universal Camos, like the MW2 Mastery Camos, for example, will Carry Forward to MW3. However, you cannot use the Camos from MW2 on MW3 Weapons, and vice versa, it's not possible to apply MW3 Camos on MW2 Weapons.

A final note regarding Carry Forward worth mentioning is that content does not "Carry Back" from Modern Warfare 3 to Modern Warfare 2.

That's the gist of Carry Forward. If you've sunk a lot of time into MW2 and the current copy of Warzone, rest assured that nearly all the content you unlocked in those games will be available to you in MW3.

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