Broken Pieces: How To Get To The White Manor

Broken Pieces: How To Get To The White Manor
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8th Sep 2022 15:00

There will come a point after you've reached the Assumption Church when you will be wondering how to get to the Broken Pieces White Manor. Many of the puzzles in Broken Pieces require you to navigate to certain areas of Saint-Exil, but it can often be very tricky to understand how exactly to do that sometimes. So, to find out how to get to the White Manor in Broken Pieces, have a read on down below.

How To Get To The White Manor In Broken Pieces

Broken Pieces White Manor how to get in
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While you are aware of the existence of the Broken Pieces White Manor realistically from the first hour of the game, it is only until the final stretch that you will actually be able to enter it. 

You must first have reached the Assumption Church, got your hands on the Church key from the cross, and picked up the Flower House door handle from the Storage Room. 

Once you've done that, you'll want to head over to the Flower House, which is situated just at the start of the area in which the lighthouse is, and enter it through the double door to the left of the house. 

Broken Pieces White Manor Flower House
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While there is a plaque to be retrieved within the Flower House, you will need to head to the White Manor first in order to get it, but you will need to get an axe from inside the house in order to do so.

Once you've picked up the axe, you'll want to head towards the lighthouse, until you've just passed through the wire fence door. After this door, you will find some planks and attempted construction on a wall, and you'll want to use your axe to knock this down and weaken the structure.

After you've done this, head towards the lighthouse and use the fountain that sits outside of it to turn the weather to winter (or back to summer if you were already in winter). Now, head back to where you used the axe and there should be a mound of rubble which you can walk up, taking you to the White Manor.

Broken Pieces: What To Do Inside The White Manor

Broken Pieces White Manor inside
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Once you're inside the White Manor, you'll be greeted with a couple of routes that you can take. Outside the Manor, you can take the stairs down to the right to open up the shortcut you pass on the way to the lighthouse, which is a good idea for quick access later.


After that though, you'll want to head into the Manor, and you'll see a corridor with three doors for you to go through. The first option on the left is locked, so you won't be able to take that, and then you'll be left with the door on the right, and the one straight ahead.

The pathway to the right will take you to the Beach area, near where you found the first of the two Broken Pieces cogs, but on the other side of the quays. This route will take you to the De Reault house, and you'll need that to pick up one of the plaques later, but you'll need to head through the other door first.

Returning back to the White Manor and heading through the door at the back will take you to the waterways system, which you will need to access the De Reault and Vino family plaques. You'll need to turn the first cog which is already installed in order to raise the water level, and then turn the weather to winter in order to walk across the water and claim the second cog to the right of the central door. 

Then you'll need to turn the weather back to summer and install the other cog to the right in order to open up the gate and send the water everywhere it needs to be. Now you'll be free to head to all of the houses and claim the rest of the plaques - just be wary that you will need to do a bit of weather manipulation when you're over there.

So, that's all you need to do if you're wondering how to get into the Broken Pieces White Manor, and what to do once you're inside there. Check out our Broken Pieces review if you're wondering what our thoughts on the game are to see if you agree.

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