Broken Pieces Franck Keycode Puzzle Answer

Broken Pieces Franck Keycode Puzzle Answer
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8th Sep 2022 15:00

The Broken Pieces Franck keycode puzzle is one of the first that you'll have to solve in the game, and the solution can be quite tricky to find. As is the case with a lot of puzzles in Broken Pieces, the solution is often not right in front of you, so you might need to have an explore to get the answers you seek. So, to find out the answer to the Broken Pieces Franck keycode puzzle, make sure to carry on reading below.

How To Solve The Broken Pieces Franck Keycode Puzzle

Broken Pieces Franck Keycode Puzzle how to solve
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You will encounter the Broken Pieces Franck keycode puzzle at the bottom of the L'Ecrin lighthouse, and you will need to solve it if you wish to level the pressure and progress through the game.

Franck's birthday is the clue the game gives you to figure out his locker combination, but there is no clear sign around to what his birthday may be. There is a board just beyond the set of lockers that hints at it, giving a working rota where Franck is off for a period of time - presumably his birthday - but no clear date.

What you will need to do instead is head out of the Lighthouse, and turn left when you reach the end of the bridge. You will also need to have collected the first circuit breaker from the other locker in the lighthouse, which can be unlocked using the code 1835.

You will need that circuit breaker in order to unlock the gates just up ahead to the left, which also requires you to use the first-person camera, or this guide, in order to power the gates.

If you're wanting to figure it out by yourself, all you need to do is walk up to the power terminal for the gate on the left, and use the first-person camera to look up to the box above it. Inside that box will be the order of the wires that you need to put in, however, if you want to know the exact order from top to bottom, here it is:

  • Black
  • White
  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • 240V

Broken Pieces Franck Keycode Puzzle circuit breaker
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Pressing the test button on the circuit breaker should then unlock the gate, allowing you to head up to the memorial. 

Once through the gates, you'll want to head up to the angelic statue that has been vandalised by the cult, and is surrounded upright boats. It is on the green boat around the left-hand side of the statue that you will find Franck's birthday and the answer to the keycode puzzle.

Broken Pieces Franck Keycode Puzzle Answer

Broken Pieces Franck Keycode Puzzle answer
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If you can't be bothered going all the way to the memorial to find out Franck's birthday though, or if you still are unable to figure it out, the answer to the keycode puzzle is 0319. Even if you managed to find out the birthday, you might have been mistakenly putting in 1903 if you're used to the other date input.

So, that's how to complete the Broken Pieces Franck keycode puzzle, which can be a bit of a head scratcher at the start of the game if you've not gone for an explore. Make sure to keep an eye out for some more Broken Pieces guides for all the other puzzles in the game soon.

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