Best Pokemon Cyber Monday deals for 2023, from cards to toys

Best Pokemon Cyber Monday deals for 2023, from cards to toys
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Whether you're a die-hard Pokefan or you're looking for a gift for someone else, Cyber Monday is one of the best times to pick up a Pokemon bargain.

As one of the biggest entertainment franchises in the world, it's no surprise that Pokemon has a bunch of merchandise to sort through, from trading cards to toys and even clothes. To save you from trawling through all the deals out there, we've rounded up some of the best ones right here.

Best Pokemon Cyber Monday toy deals in 2023

MEGA Pokemon: Motion Charizard

MEGA Charizard Pokemon figure
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MEGA Pokemon sets have become very popular in recent years, but this is one of our favourites: A 1663-piece Charizard figure that features moveable limbs and crank-controlled motion. With 30% off RRP, it would make an ideal Christmas present for a Pokemon superfan - and should keep them busy for hours.

MEGA Pokemon: Dragonite

MEGA Dragonite toy
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If you're looking for a slightly smaller (but no less cool) Pokemon toy, this MEGA Pokemon Dragonite model should fit the bill. The set features 388 pieces to create the iconic creature and it can be displayed in different poses. For just $18.99, it's a great stocking filler for Christmas or even just a nice little treat for yourself.

Interactive Electric Charge Pikachu

A Pikachu toy
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This 10-inch interactive Pikachu toy might be the closest thing you'll get to a real-life Pokemon. Pressing its belly will make it charge up a thunder attack while rubbing its head will get it to light up, talk, and move.

It has over 30 different reactions to discover, and you can currently get it for 20% off in Amazon's Cyber Monday Deals.

Pokemon 8inch Mimikyu Plush

A Mimikyu plush toy
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If you've caught enough Pikachu to last you a lifetime, why not get yourself a Mimikyu instead? Sure, it might look a little bit creepy staring at you while you sleep, but it's adorable in its own way. Kinda.

This plush is perfect for Ghost-type fans who prefer the more sinister side of the Pokemon franchise, and it's currently available with 17% off RRP.

Best Pokemon TCG Cyber Monday deals in 2023

Pokemon TCG Scarlet & Violet Elite Trainer Box

Pokemon TCG Scarlet & Violet Elite Trainer Box
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This year, the Pokemon Trading Card Game entered a brand new era based on the Scarlet & Violet games. The base set kicked things off in March, and you can get yourself an Elite Trainer Box for a great price right now.

The box contains loads of goodies including nine Scarlet & Violet Booster Packs, a full-art promo card, 65 card sleeves, 45 energy cards, damage dice, condition markers, and a player's guide. Best of all, you've got a shiny box featuring either Koraidon or Miraidon to keep it all safe in.

Pokemon TCG Trainer Toolkit (2023 version)

The Pokemon TCG Trainer's Toolkit
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If you're familiar with the Pokemon TCG but want to get more hands-on, the Trainer Toolkit is an excellent investment. It includes everything you'll need to build your own deck, including energy cards, trainer cards, damage dice, card sleeves, and a handy guidebook full of tips.

The box also includes four booster packs, an Arceus V card, and an Arceus VSTAR card to add the finishing touches to your powerful new deck. All of this comes in at less than $25 with Best Buy's current Cyber Monday deal, which is a steal.

Pokemon TCG Origin Forme Palkia VSTAR League Battle Deck

A picture of the Pokemon TCG Origin Forme Palkia Battle Deck
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If you'd prefer a ready-made deck to take into battle instead of building your own, you won't get much better than this League Battle Deck featuring Origin Forme Palkia. I've used these V cards myself in the Pokemon TCG Online app and they're incredibly powerful.

The 60-card deck features three Origin Forme Palkia V cards, two Origin Forme Palkia VSTAR cards, and even a Radiant Greninja card to wash away your opponents. You'll also get a nifty deck box to keep them all safe in. Even better, it's currently available for under $17 at Amazon.

That's it for our best Pokemon Cyber Monday deals! We'll be keeping this page updated as more offers go live, so check back soon.

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