Best Weapons In Atomic Heart

Best Weapons In Atomic Heart
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24th Feb 2023 10:33

You may want to know what the best Atomic Heart weapons are to utilise on your journey around Facility 3826, so you can stay vigilant against the waves of robots and mutants.

Atomic Heart lets players craft a variety of different weapons as the game progresses, ranging from makeshift melee weapons, to standard rifles and pistols. If you want to know which of these are going to be most useful in the encounters and boss fights to come, check out the best Atomic Heart weapons.

Best Atomic Heart Weapons


Best Atomic Heart Weapons zvezdochka
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The best of the game's melee weapon is the trusty Zvezdochka, which is basically a pole with a circular saw attached to the top. It can be made even better with an upgrade that adds another saw to the top, while another upgrade gives you an alt-fire, letting you shoot the saws forward at enemies before they return to you.

With the highest damage of the melee weapons and the outright best upgrades, the Zvezdochka is easily the top-tier of not just Atomic Heart's melee weapons, but the weapons in general.

Fat Boy

Best Atomic Heart Weapons fat boy
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The Fat Boy is your trusty rocket launcher, allowing you to do massive explosive damage in an area of effect that can put groups of enemies out of commission, and quickly rinse through a boss' health bar.

There's not a whole lot to say about this weapon. It's reliable and does a whole lot of damage to any enemy you encounter. Your only worry will be having enough ammo, but if you use it only when the situation calls for it, you'll have no trouble keeping your reserves high throughout the game.


Best Atomic Heart Weapons shotgun
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As the first gun you get in the game, the Shotgun remains a total powerhouse throughout, and with various upgrades to its ammo capacity, fire rate, and damage, it only gets better.

One of the biggest strengths of the Shotgun is that it's incredibly economical with ammo, allowing you to hit multiple enemies with single shots, while still dealing high damage. We personally recommend upgrading it to focus on damaging robots, as they are typically the most tanky enemies, and this will let you shred through them.


Best Atomic Heart Weapons electro
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The Electro is another weapon you earn early on, and it differs significantly from many other weapons by requiring energy instead of ammo. This means you can never run out of ammo, as your energy will always recharge, and with specific upgrades and Polymer abilities, you can make sure your energy reserves remain high.

This is always a fantastic gun against the smaller, low HP robotic enemies, often allowing you to get through small encounters without having to spend a shell or casing.


Best Atomic Heart Weapons kalash
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Our final choice for the best Atomic Heart weapons is the Kalash, the game's version of the automatic assault rifle. It packs quite a punch, letting you deal a lot of damage while spitting bullets, with the main downside being that you can quickly burn through ammo.

However, the Kalash is particularly effective against the mutant enemies, which do appear less frequently than the robots. With upgrades to its magazine size and recoil reduction, you turn the Kalash into the best DPS gun in the game, making it a solid choice to round off our list.

That's all for our selection of the best Atomic Heart weapons, and now you know five weapons you should always carry in your inventory.

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