Atomic Heart Testing Grounds 11: Where to find the key

Atomic Heart Testing Grounds 11: Where to find the key
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Tarran Stockton


23rd Feb 2023 16:00

Getting into Atomic Heart Testing Grounds 11 to collect the weapon upgrades can be difficult, as will need to find a key to open the initial door, even though it's not clear where in the open world the key is located. 

Atomic Heart gives players an open world area to explore several hours in, and between the mission areas you will need to travel too, you can find special testing facilities full of upgrades to your arsenal. So, if you need help with the game, and want to locate the key for Atomic Heart Testing Grounds 11, we've got you covered. 

Atomic Heart Testing Grounds 11

Atomic Heart Testing Grounds 11
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Atomic Heart Testing Grounds 11 is located near the massive bridge that leads to the Infirmary building. You will pass this area after finishing the Theatre level, so there's no rush to go here once you have access to the open world. 

Unlike many other testing facilities which require you to open specific locks with nearby cameras, this one requires you to find a key. However, finding a tiny spherical key in an open world can be quite difficult. Luckily, the key isn't far away from Testing Grounds 11, so we'll direct you toward there. 

Atomic Heart Testing Grounds 11 key map
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The key is located in a small, walled-off compound directly north-west of Testing Grounds 11, which we've marked on the map above. 

Atomic Heart Testing Grounds 11 compound
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The walls to the compound are too high to climb directly, so you will need to take one of two different ways inside. The easiest way is to climb on top of one of the nearby trains along the tracks, head to the part of the train nearest to the wall, and jump directly in. 

The other route involves bringing down the nearby Hawk for maintenance, and zip lining directly into the compound. 

Atomic Heart Testing Grounds 11 key
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Once you are inside, there will be a big main building with a spiral staircase at the top, and a much smaller building in the southern part of the compound, near a door with a lock on it. Head inside this smaller building by picking the lock, and then take out the enemy inside. You can then find the key next to a dead body. 

After you've secured the key, exit the compound and head back to the Testing Grounds 11 building to enter it and take the elevator down. 

That's all for our walkthrough of how to find the key to Atomic Heart Testing Grounds 11, and now you know exactly how to enter this facility. 

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