Atomic Heart update Feb 26 patch notes: All changes

Atomic Heart update Feb 26 patch notes: All changes
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Harry Boulton


27th Feb 2023 12:51

The Atomic Heart update Feb 26 patch notes have dropped, and there are some glaring problems that players hope will be changed with this roll out. While Atomic Heart has been a largely stable experience for most players, there are of course some issues that always need to be fixed - especially for a game of this scale. So, check out the list below to see all of the changes included in the Atomic Heart update Feb 26 patch notes.

Atomic Heart update Feb 26 patch notes

Atomic Heart Update Feb 26 Patch Notes
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There have been no official patch notes released by Mundfish for the Atomic Heart update so far, but we will be sure to update this guide when they do eventually arrive.

However, there is anecdotal information gained by players who have installed it as to what has - and perhaps more importantly, has not - been changed.

One of the biggest bugs plaguing the game since its release was the Atomic Heart Neuromodule issue, where they would remain stuck in the air leaving you unable to be picked up.

As per this Reddit thread posted by user u/ohmke, the Neuromodule issue has still not been fixed in the recent patch. This will leave you still waiting if you're running into the issue, so let's hope that they figure it out soon.

Furthermore, there is still no news on the addition of an FOV slider, which any motion sickness afflicted players will be frustrated to hear. There is thankfully a way to fix it outside of the game though which you can read about in our how to change Atomic Heart FOV guide, but it is PC exclusive which is obviously frustrating to console players.

What seemingly has been changed is issues with cutscene audio. User u/hughgus has stated that it has seemingly fixed an issue where environment and general sounds were quiet, while dialogue audio was extremely loud.

So, that's all we currently know about the Atomic Heart update Feb 26 patch notes. Make sure to check out the best weapons in Atomic Heart in the meantime if you want the strongest loadout.

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