Atomic Heart Length: How Long To Beat?

Atomic Heart Length: How Long To Beat?
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24th Feb 2023 15:39

You'll want to know the Atomic Heart length and how long it takes to beat the game based on your type of playstyle, ranging from people who mainline the story, to those who go the completionist route.

Atomic Heart is FPS action RPG set in an alternate history Soviet Union where they became the technological leaders of the world. The game takes place in a science facility where things went very wrong, leading to robots and mutants wreaking havoc across the various complexes.

If you want to know roughly how long the game will take to finish, then check out our Atomic Heart length guide.

Atomic Heart Length: How Long To Beat?

Atomic Heart Length
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Atomic Heart's length to complete can change by over a dozen hours depending on how much you want to complete, and what type of playstyle you prefer.

For those looking to just mainline the story, ignoring side areas, the open world, and any collectables, it will take you roughly 10-15 hours. The start of the game will likely be the longest part of this, as it takes several hours before you arrive in the open world area, but after this, each story area takes much less time to complete.

For those looking to mostly focus on the story while also exploring and collecting some things like weapon upgrades, your playtime will likely come in around 20-25 hours.

Finally, for players looking to take the completionist route by securing every collectable and exploring everything the game has to offer, you'll likely be playing the game for around 40 hours in total.

Atomic Heart Length difficulty
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It's worth noting that the difficulty you play on will factor in to how long the game takes, with higher difficulties requiring you to put more thought into how you approach encounters and spend more time gathering resources for upgrades and crafting.

That's all for our breakdown of the Atomic Heart length by playstyle, and now you know how long it will take depending on how much of the game you want to complete.

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