Does Atomic Heart have multiple endings?

Does Atomic Heart have multiple endings?
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17th Mar 2023 18:40

You may want to know, does Atomic Heart have multiple endings? Atomic Heart is a first-person action RPG set in an alternate history Soviet Union where they mastered technology and created a robotic labour force.

You enter the game as a special agent at a research facility where everything has gone wrong and the robots have gone haywire, forcing you to try and fix things. While the game is fairly linear storywise and there's not much in terms of choice, you may want to know if Atomic Heart has multiple endings.

Does Atomic Heart have multiple endings?

Does Atomic Heart have multiple endings?
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Atomic Heart does have multiple endings, allowing you to choose how the end of your journey pans out. To be more specific, there are two endings players can get based on a choice they make right near the end of the game.

The choice comes toward the tail end of the story once you have figured out who's behind all the happenings that have gone on at the research facility, and uncovered your past and the fate of your dead wife. 

You can either select to walk away and pretend it's not your problem anymore or finish things by facing off with Dr. Sechenov. We'll cover the outcome of both of these choices below.

Walk away

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If you choose to walk away, you'll declare you’ve had enough. A cutscene will follow where the protagonist forgives himself for all the people he's killed and chooses to forget about his wife for good. 

This ending sees you leave the Soviet Union and watch the world descend into chaos from afar. A montage will also play at the end that describes some events that follow, but there's no closure for the story beats that have been built up so far.

Press on

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If you choose to press on and finish what you started, you set off for Dr Sechenov. Firstly, you get into a fight with one of his bodyguards, before then having to face both of them in his office.

During the fight, you learn more about your past and your wife and begin to understand how Dr Sechenov has been manipulating you all this time. After defeating both bodyguards, you shoot Sechenov, and he informs you of Zakharov's (your AI glove) deception, which causes Zakharov to nearly kill you and then create a body for himself from the Polymer substance.

He delivers a monologue about ending humanity and reaching the next stage of human evolution, murders Sechenov, and then runs off into the night. A short scene after this plays where you find yourself in Limbo and finally reunite with your wife. 

That's all for our answer to the question, does Atomic Heart have multiple endings? Now you know there are two endings based on a very late-game choice you can make. 

We also cover how to change Atomic Heart FOV, as the developers added an FOV slider after launch. 

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