Atomic Heart Ballerina Puzzle Solution

Atomic Heart Ballerina Puzzle Solution
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22nd Feb 2023 17:07

You may want to know the solution to the Atomic Heart ballerina puzzle, as it's not particularly straightforward and can be difficult to navigate if you don't quite understand what you are supposed to be doing. 

Atomic Heart occasionally slows down the robot killing to emphasise puzzles, forcing you to think a bit differently as you try and find a way to open a door, or access the next area. The most difficult of these can be found in the theatre level, where you need to make a series of ballerinas strike the right pose. 

So, if you need a breakdown of the Atomic Heart ballerina puzzle, we've got you covered with the solution. 

Atomic Heart Ballerina Puzzle Solution

Atomic Heart Ballerina Puzzle Solution
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The Atomic Heart ballerina puzzle occurs near the end of the theatre level, shortly after you've faced off with a horde of mutants while watching a robot ballerina performance. You will come into a corridor where there are four ballerinas stood atop pedestals, all of which have dead bodies suspended near them. 

The main thrust of this puzzle involves you interacting with the ballerinas and selecting dialogue options to change their position. However, the catch is that they need to strike a pose which casts a shadow on the wall behind them that resembles a killing blow to the suspended dead bodies. 

Checking the shadow each position casts is key to solving this puzzle, and when you get the right position, a sound effect will play to confirm you have selected the correct one. If you are having trouble though, keep reading. 

Here are the positions that each ballerina needs to be in to complete the puzzle, starting with the ballerina at the entrance to this corridor. 

Ballerina 1

Atomic Heart Ballerina 1
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Croisée in the fifth position, arms in the third position.

Ballerina 2

Atomic Heart Ballerina 2
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Relevé in the fifth position. Effacé. Arms upright and loose in an allongé.

Ballerina 3

Atomic Heart Ballerina 3
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Ballerina 4

Atomic Heart Ballerina 4
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A la seconde, arms free. 

Putting the ballerinas in the above positions will solve the puzzle and open up the door for your final showdown with Petrov. 

That's the full solution to the Atomic Heart Ballerina puzzle, and now you know exactly which position each ballerina needs to be in to solve the puzzle. 

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