AQ Kills Warzone 2: What Are They?

AQ Kills Warzone 2: What Are They?
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Tarran Stockton


17th Nov 2022 10:22

You may wonder what the AQ kills in Warzone 2 stand for. Call of Duty Warzone 2 has now released worldwide, giving players the next edition of the COD battle royale, along with a tonne of new features and changes. One of the more notable additions is the DMZ mode, which plays similar to tactical shooters like Escape From Tarkov, and this is where the AQ kills come into play. So check out our explainer of AQ kills in Warzone 2

AQ Soldier Kills Warzone 2: What Are They?

AQ Kills Warzone 2
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AQ kills in Warzone 2 tallies up your kills on AQ Soldiers in the DMZ game mode. AQ Soldiers are AI-controlled enemies who you can come across while playing the DMZ mode, where they are found in Strongholds and Warzone 2 Black Sites. In-game, they are part of the AQL terrorist group, but they aren't too difficult to kill when you come to fight them. 

Killing all the AQ Soldiers in a Stronghold will allow you to unlock a custom loadout of your choosing, and if you're the first team to do it in a game, you also earn a Black Site key. You can use these to enter Black Sites where more AQ Soldiers are stationed, and killing them all here will let you unlock weapon blueprints or legendary tier items. 

AQ Soldiers don't stay dead though and will respawn by helicopter after you kill all of them in a specific area, meaning other teams can begin killing them, or you can repeat the process over again. 

That's all for our primer on AQ kills in Warzone 2, and now you have an idea of what it is, and what purpose AQ Soldiers serve in the DMZ game mode. 

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