How To Get Custom Loadouts In Warzone 2

How To Get Custom Loadouts In Warzone 2
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10th Nov 2022 16:21

The first thing most players probably wonder when they initially step foot onto Al Mazrah is how to get Custom Loadouts in Warzone 2. One of the most unique aspects of Warzone is its Custom Loadouts which allow players to fine-tune their setup and play their way. So, if you insist on bringing the MW2 meta weapons with you into battle, you'll need to know how to get Custom Loadouts in Warzone 2.

Warzone 2 Custom Loadouts: What's Changed?

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The most glaring and obvious difference in how Custom Loadouts work in Warzone 2 compared to the original Warzone is that you can no longer purchase your Custom Loadout outright at Buy Stations (referred to in Warzone 2 as Shops).

Instead, players must venture out into the treacherous landscape of Al Mazrah and acquire their Custom Loadouts via more high-risk methods, which we'll get into in just a moment…

How To Get Custom Loadouts In Warzone 2

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There are two ways to get Custom Loadouts in Warzone 2:

  • Loadout Drop Public Event – In a similar fashion to the original Warzone, Loadout Drops will fall from the sky onto the battlefield throughout Battle Royale matches in Warzone 2. Of particular note, these Warzone 2 Loadout Drops are not limited to individual players or squads and can be accessed by any player.

  • Strongholds and Black Sites – One of the many rewards for clearing Warzone 2 Strongholds and Warzone 2 Black Sites is access to your Custom Loadout.

While these avenues are the only way to obtain your full-fledged Custom Loadout in Warzone 2, there's a third and final way that you can get your Custom Primary Weapon, but you will have to forgo your Perks and Equipment. Players that want to avoid exposing themselves to the danger of Public Events, Strongholds, and Black Sites can buy their handcrafted Primary Weapon with in-game Cash from any of the Shops scattered around Al Mazrah.

So, all in all, Custom Loadouts are more difficult to acquire in Warzone 2, but that just means securing that hand-picked Loadout is all the more special. And if you round up some Cash, you can always buy your favourite Primary Weapon without the hassle!

A Warzone 2 Resurgence map is in development for 2023 release.

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