Apex Legends Weapon Mastery: How to master weapons in Apex Legends

Apex Legends Weapon Mastery: How to master weapons in Apex Legends
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Coleman Hamstead


26th Apr 2023 18:12

Apex Legends is introducing its own weapon-progression system called Weapon Mastery. Players that devote time to proving their proficiency with the many guns available in the Apex Games will receive one-of-a-kind rewards to use in Apex Legends.

So, let's review how to master weapons in Apex Legends and all that Apex Legends Weapon Mastery entails.

What is Apex Legends Weapon Mastery?

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Apex Legends Weapon Mastery is a brand-new feature debuting in Apex Legends Season 17. Weapon Mastery is an opportunity for Apex Legends players to flex their prowess with their favourite weapons.

Apex Legends Weapon Mastery is reminiscent of the weapon-progression systems prevalent in games like Call of Duty. Display your mastery of the array of weapons in Apex Legends by completing challenges, and you will earn exclusive rewards for your efforts.

How to master weapons in Apex Legends

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To master a weapon in Apex Legends, you must complete the challenges associated with that specific weapon. While official details from Respawn Entertainment remain slim, one of the Apex Legends insiders that playtested Weapon Mastery has come out and revealed what they know.

Apparently, the Weapon Mastery challenges are quite specific. Each weapon will feature unique challenges fitting to the theme of that weapon. For example, the Sentinel has challenges for headshotting a running target and downing opponents from far away.

Meanwhile, the challenges tied to the Flatline involve tasks like eliminating a certain number of enemies while firing fewer than X number of bullets or downing an opponent through a window.

As you complete challenges, you will earn Stars, like with the Apex Legends Battle Passes. Earning Stars is how you progress through a weapon's mastery track. The Weapon Mastery challenges will get increasingly harder the closer you get to mastering a weapon.

Mastering weapons in Apex Legends won't be easy. The Weapon Mastery tracks are extensive and will require dedication and skill to get through. But it'll all be worth it when you finally receive those juicy rewards!

Apex Legends Weapon Mastery: Rewards

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Mastering weapons will earn you rewards to flaunt your expertise with Apex's many different weapons. While the specific Weapon Mastery rewards remain a mystery, it's assumed that each weapon will have a special skin that you can unlock by fully mastering it.

Moreover, we wouldn't be surprised if each weapon's mastery track includes additional rewards for players to unlock along their journey to 100-percent mastery. Charms and Badges depicting mastered weapons and trackers showcasing how many kills you've achieved with mastered weapons seem likely.

That's everything we know so far about Weapon Mastery in Apex Legends. We will update this guide when more details emerge, but for now, you may want to take some time to decide which weapon you plan to master first when Weapon Mastery launches in Season 17 of Apex Legends.

Apex Legends bot lobbies are the perfect place to grind out the more difficult Weapon Mastery challenges.

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