Apex Legends Season 16 Buffs And Nerfs Revealed For All Characters

Apex Legends Season 16 Buffs And Nerfs Revealed For All Characters
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Jack Marsh


10th Feb 2023 16:41

The playbook is being thrown out of the window in Apex Legends Season 16, Revelry, as a massive range of nerfs and buffs will throw the legend pool into a frenzy. As the developers are looking to change the way Apex is played in Season 16, with a new perk system and a completely different weapon meta, many of the most long-standing legends are all having their kit chopped and changed.

So, here's all you need to know about the Apex Legends Season 16 buffs and nerfs.

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  • One of the biggest ability overhauls in Apex Legends Season 16 is Bloodhound's ultimate ability. The Beast of the Hunt has been adapted to fit a new "White Raven concept" where it will not refresh their scan, but will instead have white ravens that fly in the direction of their closest enemy.


  • Horizon's tactical ability is being tinkered with, as a nerf in its accuracy, especially at a longer range, is being applied, while a buff in its gravitational speed will be added, allowing Horizon to move to the skies much quicker in Season 16. 


  • When activating her revive, the "slow penalty" is being slashed significantly. 
  • Lifeline's Care Package ultimate ability will have a much quicker call-in time and a longer placement range. 


  • Mirage's passive will now allow for him and his revived ally to both be cloaked for three seconds after they are brought back into the game, but will be broken if the cloaked player draws a weapon.
  • Another buff comes in for the tactical ability, where, in an instance where an enemy shoots a clone, the bamboozled player will be pinged to your squad. 

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  • The biggest nerfs in Apex Legends Season 16 will come for Seer. Firstly, his ultimate ability, Exhibit, is to get a "pretty hard" crackdown on cooldown and duration. 
  • Seer’s passive ability, Heart Seeker, is also getting a massive overhaul. Doing away with the "constant" position reveal, the ability will now work in periodic pulses, and will also have a charge-up time and an audible giveaway to Seer's enemies.


  • Time to fly on a zipline! Pathfinder's Zipline will have its range "significantly" increased and will also have a speed buff added. 


  • One of the most-needed nerfs in Apex Legends Season 16 is Valkyrie's Ultimate, Skyward Dive, which will no longer ping enemy team locations.


  • Wraith's portal will be increased by twice the distance and will have an incrementing speed buff. 

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Apex Legends Season 16 will begin on February 14. Check out all we know about the new season here.

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