Apex Legends Ash: Abilities, ultimate, lore & release date

Apex Legends Ash: Abilities, ultimate, lore & release date
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4th Oct 2021 16:27

Apex Legends Ash is the rumoured next character to be joining the battle royale, and avid fans of Apex and the Titanfall series will be familiar with her already. She's featured in the Arenas mode in Apex Legends already, and now after a new teaser trailer, it has been suggested that she's next to join the fight.

Here's everything we know about Ash, the newest Simulacrum to join Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Ash abilities

Apex Legends Ash Guide
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According to multiple leaks, Ash's abilities introduce some new features to the game that we've never seen before. Most intriguing of her abilities is her passive - Marked For Death, which is a play on the game mode title from Titanfall 2 - perhaps a new connection with Apex Legends Valkyrie?

The ability allows her to see death boxes marked on the map, and when she interacts with them, it will show her if the players who killed them is still alive, and if they are, their location.

Her tactical ability is an Arc Snare, a slow-moving electrical ball that stuns and damages enemies caught in its radius. Not very flashy (pun intended), but it gets the job done.

Apex Legends Ash ultimate

According to leftover files and even more leaks, Ash's ultimate ability is the Phase Breach, a fast slashing movement that plants a one-way portal and dashes Ash in a straight line. It's perfect for a quick getaway or rotation, and it's a move that's going to do some serious damage to the pick rate of Apex Legends Wraith.

Apex Legends Ash lore

Apex Legends Ash Guide
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Ash has recently had a Stories from the Outland teaser all to herself, hinting at her past and connection to existing legends.

She has also already appeared as an antagonist in Titanfall 2, though her connection to the Apex games is currently unknown - presumably, it’s through Blisk that we’ll see her enter the lore of the game.

Ash is a simulacrum pilot who was rebuilt by Vinson Dynamics after being defeated under Blisk’s command. She’s a cold and ruthless killer, much like her simulacrum counterpart Apex Legends Revenant, so expect her to be brutal on the battlefield.

Originally, though, she was the very same Ashleigh Reid who sabotaged Horizon's travels to the edge of a black hole. She now seems to have succumbed to the beast that lived inside the Simulacrum shell she was injected into, and her character is likely to be split between the ruthless Ash and tortured Ashleigh.

Apex Legends Ash release date

Apex Legends Ash Guide
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We know that Ash will be joining the game in season 11, which begins in early November after the end of season 10 on November 2.

Ash is a legend who is shrouded in mystery so far, so it will be curious to see how she turns out as a playable character - especially after her appearance as the figurehead of the Arenas mode. We’re looking forward to putting her to good use.

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