Apex Legends Advanced Movement Guide

 Apex Legends Advanced Movement Guide

Written by 

Coleman Hamstead


7th Apr 2021 17:30

While gunskill is supposed to be the focus of Apex Legends, movement is often the difference between winning and losing fights. Celebrated Apex Legends content creators such as Brandon "Aceu" Winn and Faide have proven time and time again that movement is the true skill gap in Apex Legends.

Without movement, players will have no chance of climbing to Apex Predator or surviving no-fill matchmaking. Beating the best of the best and taking on squads 3v1 requires advanced knowledge of Apex Legends movement mechanics.

This guide aims to teach players a variety of advanced movement techniques that will allow them to transverse Kings Canyon and Olympus in style.

Holster Your Gun To Run Faster

It may be an obvious tip for experienced players, but it’s important to know that your Legend will run much faster with their weapon holstered. 

To holster your weapon, hold down the button that you typically press to switch weapons. Your gun will be put away, and you’ll see your fists in front of you - or an Heirloom if you’re fancy.

Holster your gun whenever you aren't actively fighting. See someone running away? Holster your gun, and you might catch up to them. Vice versa, holstering your weapon could give you the extra speed needed to escape a sticky situation.

In Apex Legends, every second counts, so holster those guns for a quick speed boost.

 Apex Legends Advanced Movement
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Fastest Method Of Travel

Moving at the top possible speed in Apex Legends requires a series of well-timed sprints, slides, and jumps.

Shortly after sprinting, players should slide for a short burst of extra speed. While in mid-slide, players can jump for added distance. After landing, start to sprint again until you’ve reached max sprint speed. From there, just repeat the same sequence - sprint, slide, jump. This is almost always the fastest way to move in Apex Legends.

There are a couple of occasions where it’s faster to ignore the sprint, slide, jump combo. If you’re moving up an incline, it’s usually quicker to just sprint. When travelling down a hill, there’s no need to sprint. Just slide and jump.

Advanced Movement Guide for Apex Legends
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Winning Gunfights With Movement

Winning gunfights isn’t just about hitting your shots. Forcing your opponent to miss their shots is just as important. Movement is one of the key ways to turn yourself into a more difficult target. When it comes to close-quarters action, players will want to master hip-fire strafing and crouching.

Standing out in the open, aiming down sight is an easy way to get lasered by enemy players. While hip-firing, players can move left to right far more quickly. This rapid movement is much harder to track as an opposing player. Hip-fire when possible and use the extra strafe speed to dodge incoming shots.

Additionally, crouching up and down can force your opponents to miss extra shots. Players tend to aim at the head and upper torso area. When you crouch, your Legend becomes a smaller target, and your head and body are no longer in the same spot. It’s near impossible to line up headshots on a player that is crouching in rapid succession.

Use these strategies to outmanoeuvre your opponent in gunfights.

Wall Bouncing

Wall bouncing is a pretty advanced movement technique, but it can be pulled off consistently with practice.

To wall bounce, players must first sprint toward a wall. As you close in on the wall, slide at it and jump. While in the air, players must immediately stop moving forward. Let go of the left joystick or the W key. As you touch the wall, jump again. If performed correctly, the player should bounce high and far off the wall.

The most common reason for a failed wall bounce is that the player did not stop their forward momentum. The button to move forward must be released before jumping off of the wall, or the wall bounce won’t work. Also, wall bouncing off of uneven surfaces tends to be inconsistent. It's best to target a flat wall. The Firing Range is a perfect place to practice wall bouncing.

Wall bouncing isn’t just for looks. A well-timed wall bounce will throw your opponents off and expedite the user to a new location.

Pulling off a wall bounce successfully is one of the best feelings in Apex Legends.

Use Doors And Ziplines To Your Advantage

There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to certain fixtures such as doors and ziplines. Players can use these fixtures in interesting ways to bolster their movement capabilities even further.

When riding across a horizontal zipline, players can jump to avoid gunfire and then reattach themselves in midair. A player on a horizontal zipline is usually super vulnerable, so this technique can save lives. But be aware, you can only jump once or twice before detaching completely.

Vertical ziplines are the bread and butter of players talented in the art of movement. Players can mix wall bouncing with a vertical zipline to become a nearly impossible to hit target. Jump off and onto a vertical zipline on the way up. In the process, try to bounce off the nearby walls using the wall bouncing technique described above. This advanced technique is one of the most powerful methods of movement in the game.

Finally, doors can be used to reach places that may be otherwise unreachable. Open a door and climb onto the top of it. From there, players can climb the wall above onto the building’s rooftop. This technique can be used to reach a plethora of spots that typically can’t be reached without climbing a set of stairs. 

This technique works for small doors and larger doors. For example, players can climb the doors outside Market on Kings Canyon and get to the rooftop from the ground level.

While Apex Legends may not allow wall running and other advanced movement capabilities afforded to the pilots of Titanfall, Apex Legends offers a level of movement not available in most other battle royales. Apex Legends players can separate themselves from the competition through their movement. It’s usually not gunskill, but a players’ ability to move that determines who wins and loses a fight. 

Forget the aim trainers and instead spend some time sharpening up that movement. The improvement in your game will show.


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Coleman is a freelance journalist at GGRecon. While gaming has always been his passion, it wasn’t until he worked as a Sports Journalist at the Community College of Baltimore County that he found his enthusiasm for writing. In the time since Coleman has had his work featured in publications such as The Washington Post/Launcher and ESTNN. Coleman is a graduate of Towson University with a degree in Sport Management and Business Administration.

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