You Can Glitch Your Way Into Halo Infinite's Cancelled Split-Screen Co-Op

You Can Glitch Your Way Into Halo Infinite's Cancelled Split-Screen Co-Op
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Joseph Kime


16th Sep 2022 13:32

Halo Infinite may have started strong, but for many fans of the shooter series, the ongoing experience of the newest title has been one detailed by disappointed.

The launch of the game's multiplayer was massive, and it truly felt like Halo was back for good - but it became clearer with every day that the game simply wasn't finished. 343 Industries wasn't content to patch up its mistakes as it went, leaving the title feeling like a work in progress rather than the absolute blast it should have been.

One of the most disappointing omissions was the lack of a co-op campaign, which was supposed to be a big draw in the first place - and for split-screen co-op it'll never arrive. Luckily, though, some players have found a way to hack into the mode regardless.

Can You Play The Halo Infinite Split-Screen Co-Op?


It seems that split-screen co-op is possible in-game and that 343 Industries is simply withholding it, as some players are able to glitch their way into an operable version of the mode.

Eurogamer has managed to spot a tweet that reveals the glitch as an exploit in the game's menu, making this a relatively simple process for players to crack Halo Infinite and play with their pals without sharing a couch.  The video posted to Twitter shows off exactly how to complete the glitch in full, and it's surprisingly easy for a mode that has been withheld from the public.


Is There Any Saving Halo Infinite?

Halo Infinite Split-Screen Co-Op
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If you were holding out for 343 to do a U-turn and add split-screen co-op, chances are you could be waiting forever- because 343 Industries can't stop haemorrhaging staff. The Halo series' lead developer of the Slipspace Engine David Berger recently announced his departure, and this news came only shortly after the announcement that the founder of 343, Bonnie Ross herself, would be stepping away from her role.

After the disaster of Halo 5: Guardians, we were once promised that every Halo would have split-screen co-op. The lack of the fan-favourite mode feels like a middle-finger to many. Who knows what the impact of these latest resignations will be on the development of Halo's general co-op campaign and its supposed November release, but it can't be good. Sorry, team - it looks like we'll be exploiting the game a little while longer.

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