Forget Baldur’s Gate 3, Halo Infinite is now an RPG

Forget Baldur’s Gate 3, Halo Infinite is now an RPG
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Joseph Kime


9th Jan 2024 10:25

It seems that since its launch in 2023, everyone has been getting on board the hype train for Baldur's Gate 3. Given how much time and dedication the game demands, and the fact most of us are grown-ups with actual jobs, its rollout across players makes a lot of sense.

Now, as players who haven't tried an RPG in a while are being swept up in the sheer density of the Dungeons & Dragons adventure, fans are wondering what else the genre can offer. A shocking response might see other fan-favourite franchises adapted to suit the genre. You heard right - Halo has stepped into the RPG genre.

Halo Infinite Forge develops Halo RPG in-game

We've known for a long time that some are immensely dedicated to their craft in Halo's Forge mode, no matter what game in the series their creations appear in. One player is taking their innovation to an entirely new level.

YouTuber and incredible Forge creator Red Nomster has revealed a new mode developed in Halo Infinite that turns the franchise on its head - an entire RPG mode has come to the game, introducing a turn-based tabletop experience.

The mode uses new AI character tools to create a world that gives you a chance to control a troop of UNSC soldiers in both first-person and top-down perspectives. Better yet, the option is there to play with up to eight different players, each making two moves per turn.

It's an incredible feat of Forge engineering that even 343 Industries couldn't have expected, and it's a project that helps to make the mode creator feel practically endless. Red Nomster is something of a Forge master, having previously recreated Zelda and The Lord of the Rings-inspired builds.

How can I play the Halo RPG?

The play board featured in The Halo RPG.
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Image via Red Nomster

If you want to take the Halo Infinite RPG for a spin with your friends, then you're in luck because there's no need for any extra mods or installs. All you have to do is search for "The Halo RPG" on Forge, and you'll find it there. Simple.

Considering Infinite's drop-off, it's a miracle that players are still creating to this scale in Halo. It's a game that many long-time Halo fans have considered finished, but if more projects like this keep coming, we can think about officially declaring Halo Infinite out of retirement.

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