Halo battle royale has reportedly been cancelled

Halo battle royale has reportedly been cancelled
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Joseph Kime


15th Jan 2024 12:45

It's sad to admit, but Halo Infinite hasn't quite had the lifespan that 343 Industries hoped it would. The surprise launch of its multiplayer beta was incredible for players, and many reflect fondly on the return of the franchise in a more community-led way. Since then, the shooter series has petered out significantly.

Halo Infinite didn't pack the features that could have sustained it for the years that its developers had hoped it'd last, and with content dripping in with incredibly infrequent seasonal updates, it never seemed to bounce back in any meaningful way.

It was all pretty sad, and now, it looks like modern Halo could have taken a huge hit thanks to the canning of its much-hyped battle royale spin-off.

Insiders claim Halo's battle royale is dead

By the estimation of notorious leaker Shpehsal_Nick, Halo's battle royale game has been cancelled. It's especially tragic considering it's apparently been in the works for years.

According to Nick, Project Tatanka has been totally canned, which is a blow considering co-host Sikamikanico claims "Tatanka was rumored rumored to be begin the Battle Royale Halo experiment in partnership with Certain Affinity." As there had been a seemingly positive update less than six months ago, we're left a little confused. 

There's a tantalising tease of what could've been, with Bloomberg's Jason Schreier saying that although it started as a battle royale title, it had supposedly "evolved into something more" during development. It's a big shame for players who were holding out for a new project to bring back Halo's excitement.

If Nick is to be believed, then it looks like we're out of luck. This is all unconfirmed, and 343 Industries could surprise us yet, but it's certainly not a point of optimism for long-time Halo fans.

Shpeshal_Nick claims to know about a huge Xbox game

Master Chief as he appears in the key art for Halo: Infinite.
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The future of Halo is in doubt, and although Tatanka might've kicked the bucket, we heard recent rumours about the next Halo title. Added to this, Sikamikanico claims there's a game set to come to Xbox that will "set the internet on fire," and serve as the basis for some drama in the gaming world.

Whether or not this is legitimate, it's an exciting notion. Unless you count Starfield - a game that fans were split over - Xbox has been pretty quiet with games that stir the pot a little. Even though there's a chance that Project Tatanka could still be on the way, it sounds like 343 Industries could be in trouble.

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