Playing Halo 2 in third-person makes it better than ever

Playing Halo 2 in third-person makes it better than ever
Images via NexusMods | Bungie

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Megan Cooke


23rd Nov 2023 22:51

When you think of Halo you most likely categorise it as a first-person shooter, which makes sense since that is exactly what it is.

At least, it was until modders shone a whole new light on Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 2, allowing players to experience Halo in the third person.

Mods allow you to experience Halo in a whole new way

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Images via NexusMods | Bungie

Thanks to modder Davide Di Fortunato, players are now able to experience Halo games in a whole new way.

The Halo CE Anniversary Third Person and Halo 2 Anniversary Third Person mods, available on NexusMods for PC users, both allow fans of the Halo franchise to put a fun spin on the FPS.

The most recent mod shared by Davide Di Fortunato covers games three to four, including Halo: ODST and Halo: Reach.

While it may sound shocking to some players, the ability to play Halo in third-person almost makes it feel like a brand new game, and it is definitely an interesting change to a franchise which has always been and will almost definitely always be first-person.

The mod only starts working once the player has picked up a weapon, meaning that the very start of the game will still be in the first-person perspective.

Once you pick up that first weapon, the fun really begins and you will be able to play through the entire campaign in a whole new way.

Halo fans are excited about the new mods.

Based on the comments shared on the mod pages themselves, it is clear that fans of modded Halo are excited about the new additions to Nexus.

One said: “You've come out of nowhere and made the mod I've been waiting for ages for every game. Thank you sir.”

Another added: “I didn't play it yet but I can say you did the impossible man. Thank you so much.”

The third-person Halo mods can be downloaded from NexusMods now, and the modder appears to be actively working on them at this time.

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